Road Trip #9, Part 6 – Leaving Pennsylvania Behind

We had spent about two weeks in Lancaster before continuing our trip.  During this leg mechanical issues developed in the truck:  the alternator/voltage regulator stopped working properly and the headlight switch also started to fail.  All of this developed on our way to the Fredericksburg, VA KOA.  The next day these issues continued on our way to Virginia Beach and at the junction of I-95 and I-295, north of Richmond, VA, the truck “died” on the left shoulder of the Interstate.  I placed a call to AAA.  Thank heavens we carry AAA RV Plus.  A wrecker was dispatched and when it arrived, he ran a test with his voltage meter and everything indicated normal, so we opted to continue our trip east.  We managed to go about 30 miles before we broke down again.  I called AAA again, and this time we dropped the trailer, got the truck up on the rollback, hooked up to the trailer and continued the 80 miles to Virginia Beach.

What a way to arrive at the campground (dedicated campers.)

We had planned a week with Bob and Donna, (Barb’s brother), so we had plenty of time to get the truck repaired and have a super family visit that residential geography and employment restrictions had prevented in past years.

Our next leg took us to Mount Pleasant/Charleston, SC via the KOAs at Rocky Mount/Enfield, NC and Lumberton, NC.  During this trip I noticed that the trailer seemed to be riding a little bit lower than it should have and upon arrival at Mt. Pleasant, SC I had it checked out at Palmetto RV Sales and Service.  Inspection revealed that the right rear shock absorber had failed and we had the shock replaced at a local Firestone repair shop.  We stayed a couple of days longer to sightsee the area.  We had also acquired some hitch damage to the trailer during the tow to Virginia Beach, so we bought the replacement parts at Corbin’s Hitch Shop and I made the repairs at the CG.  During a shopping visit at the local Camping World, Barb wandered around the RV showroom and “checked out” some Class C motorhomes.  She had never been in one before and seemed impressed with her window shopping.

Our original 45 day trip has now reached 54 days and we still have about 10 days left.  Whew.  Both of us are getting a little tired, and set-up and tear-down has become a physical chore that neither of us relish.  Next trip will be shorrrrr-ter.

Anyway, the next stop was Palm Coast, FL to spend a couple of days with our youngest nephew and his family.  We had a fantastic visit which included a ride in his Grady White fishing boat out to the Intracoastal Waterway and lunch at “Captain’s BBQ”.

We finally started our last leg, the one day trip home, on November 2.  We weren’t 10 miles up the road from Flagler Beach, where our campground was located, when Barb said “Do you hear that?”  I said “what?”  She said “Don’t you hear that?”  I said “Hear what?”



Week 1, Theme 2 – A Worm’s View

During a recent Road Trip to Virginia, we spent some time in Virginia Beach at my brother-in-law’s home.  Over the years my sister-in-law has accumulated a collection of ceramic elves and has placed them in their yard around the trees.  Here is one of those elves from “A Worm’s View”.

GC2_9458 edit 2

Week 48 – A6. Animal(s) At Play

I have put more miles on my little car making the rounds of the dog parks and open fields where someone may be exercising their dog all to no avail.  As a result, I had to dig into my archives and I found these pictures of my nephew’s dog Emmie being given the runaround by her “Uncle Rob” who was throwing the stick.  Emmie’s cousins Carter and Alaina were also out there having fun.  It was Christmas Eve in Virginia Beach and bitter cold, but that didn’t stop the fun.  This is my presentation for “Animals At Play”, and I guarantee that Emmie had a blast.

GC2_8680 crop 1

DSCN1907 crop 1

Week 43 – A2. Family

We spent Christmas 2013 with Barbs’ Family in Virginia Beach.  Her family is quite large and yesterday while reviewing my Christmas archives I came across this picture that has a small portion of the family.  Believe it or not, but the entire time up there we never thought to do a complete “Family” portrait.  Maybe next year.