Week 15, Theme 17 – Gate

The last time we were in Savannah I was unsuccessful in capturing a useable image of the infamous Bonaventure Cemetery Gate”.  Better luck this trip and a couple of weeks ago while we were in Savannah for a few days I was successful.  This cemetery is well-known as the final resting place of many of Savannah’s rich and famous including songwriter Johnny Mercer.  Those familiar with the book “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil” will also find the grave of Danny Hansford here.

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Week 45, Theme A5 – Reflections

The first morning in the campground as Barb and I got ready to leave and tour Savannah, we noticed the “Reflections”  on the still waters of the pond in our area.  The water was so flat and the “Reflections”  were so sharp it made a perfect subject for “Reflections”.


Week 44, Theme A3 – Doors and/or Windows

During our “Old Town Trolley Tour” which seems to be exclusive to Savannah.  Oh, and also to Key West AND to St. Augustine AND many other locations, we were shown the smallest house in Savannah which was recently listed for $250k.  Rather than the cost of the house, I had my mind on “Doors and Windows”.   You might notice that the smallest house only has a total of FIVE windows noticeable in the image and its’ next door neighbor has FIVE windows just in the front.  What a difference in “Doors and/or Windows”.

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Week 42, Theme 50 – Urban Scenery

Savannah is a medium-sized urban area, so opportunities abound for the theme “Urban Scenery”.   As you might note in these images, two of them share a common object.  Other images are typical of “Urban Scenery”   that can be found in just about any city.

Here’s City Hall

GC1_7191 edit 1

Enjoying the city and a drink.

GC1_7192 edit 1

“Horsepower recharging station”.  Throughout the Historic District at many of the squares, pallets, with a large bucket of water on top, can be found for the horse & carriage tours to re-hydrate their trusty steed.

GC1_7279 edit 1

The common object.

“Buster Brown” makes deliveries in every city I’ve been to and is a common object in most “Urban Scenery”.

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Week 41, Theme 16 – Group Portraits

Being a railroad buff, I took one morning to visit the Georgia State Railroad Museum.  The facility is huge and includes a roundhouse that was built in 1853.  The museum includes ten or more restored rail cars and features 5 restored steam and diesel engines.  Tours are conducted daily of three restored Executive Passenger cars.  Here is a candid “Group Portrait”  of our tour.

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Savannah is known for its 22 squares and parks laid out by General Oglethorpe when he founded the city in about 1739.   Driving around town you see many different tour groups.  Here is another candid “Group Portrait”  of a Segway tour at one of the 22 squares found in the Historic District of the city.

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Week 40, Theme 27 – Musical

Recently Barb and I were in Savannah for a week.  Never having been to Savannah, there were loads of photo opportunities and the balance of my 52 week challenge was constantly on my mind.  One day we had lunch at a Mexican Cantina.  The walls were decorated with paintings of Mariachi band members which certainly fits the “Musical”   theme.  I even tried a different fajita – with chorizo instead of steak or chicken.

Mariachi Musical Collage_01

One of the more famous places to visit in Savannah is Bonaventure Cemetery and I was able to continue the “Musical”   theme here with first, this tombstone image:


And then this image of the great Johnny Mercer’s grave:

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