Week 1, Theme 15 – Graveyard

Although this theme would be a good option for something “spooky” the week of October 29th in conjunction with Halloween, I decided to provide a little bit of Palmetto history.  When I read the list of themes for this year and I came to “Graveyard”, the first thing I thought of was the “Yellow Fever Cemetery” as this cemetery is sometimes known.  This is actually the first cemetery in Palmetto so it stands to reason that those souls lost due to the 1888 epidemic of Yellow Fever would be buried in this “Graveyard”. Although 85 people came down with the yellow fever, only 11 died from it.  Only 2 graves are actually marked that the person buried there died from the fever.

DSCN2474 edit 2

Sadly the cemetery is in a state of disrepair as can be seen by these next two photos.

DSCN2475 edit 1 DSCN2477 edit 1



Week 51 – 23. It Floats

One afternoon we were out at Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto and this colorful sailboat was beached at the point.  While the owner was busy making adjustments with the rigging, his first mate was deeply involved discussing the merits of sailing.  Shortly they pushed the boat out into the water, hopped aboard and said “It Floats” and then they sailed away.

GC1_1725 crop 1

GC1_1740 edit 1

Week 47 – 32. Out of Place

What are the odds of something like this happening?  I had planned on using a carousel horse that was mounted on the porch of a mobile home in Palmetto for this challenge.  Ready to go get my photo and my buddy tells me that it had been put away for the summer while the “snowbirds” went back up north.  Here comes the odd part, while searching out another theme, I came across another carousel horse in someones front yard in Parrish, about 5 miles from the first one.  Now you tell me the odds of finding 2 carousel horses so close together.  I guess both horses are “Out of Place” as they are on a porch or in a front yard and not on a carousel.

DSCN2409 crop 1

Week 13 – 10. Framed

According to my calculations, I’m 2 weeks behind with this post.  BUT…..in 32 days, Friday the Thirteenth of December, I’ll enter the ranks of the retired and have plenty of time on my hands to get caught up.  Meanwhile, back at Emerson Point Preserve today, Barb was content with reading her book and enjoying the light breeze and mild temps while I took pictures.

GC1_1794 edit 1

I watched this small sailing catamaran with the brightly colored sail present a neatly Famed picture as they eased into a landing at the point.  The gentleman in the foreground was preparing to release a Spanish Mackerel he had just caught.

GC1_1858 edit 2

Week 8 – 30. Other Photographers

Today was the monthly “Shutter Stroll” sponsored by the Manatee County Natural Resources Department.  Our stroll today was at Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto and the “mission” was to capture and take macro pictures of water critters such as mosquito larva, fishing spiders, pollywogs, water scorpions etc.  We had a pretty nice turnout for this activity and I immediately thought about the blog and a post of ME and the “Other Photographers”.