Week 3 – 46. The Color Pink

This morning just before leaving for work, I heard Barb say Oh! Wow! Look at that sky.  I went to the door and upon seeing the sky, I immediately thought Oh! Wow! The Color Pink is one of the themes of our 52-week photo challenge.  So, I grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots before the color disappeared.

The Color Pink


Week 2 – 1. A Hot Ride

The other day at work we were having the yard graded to resolve some drainage issues.  It was partly cloudy with no breeze and as you can tell from the inset thermometer it was 114 degrees.  Although the tractor operator’s shirt was soaking wet it didn’t seem to phase him as he performed his job on “A Hot Ride“.

DSCN1624 edit 1

Let the Challenge Begin

Today is it.  The start of my 52-week photo challenge.  As I head out to work this morning I have a camera with me, a check list of 52 different themes to be on the lookout for and a thoroughly cluttered head full of different ideas to go along with each theme in the challenge.  Oh boy!