After taking part in a 52 week photo challenge for the past three years, I have found it increasingly more difficult to dedicate the time to meet the challenges, so I have decided to head off in a more relaxed, new and different direction and still incorporate 52 Week Challenge Themes where possible.  I hope that although this new site is a different theme and format, my followers will continue to follow as I will certainly be following the 52 Week Challenge.

So, for the new followers, who’s George Case?  Well here’s a short bio:  Just like most of us, I started with several box cameras, but when I enlisted in the Navy in 1964 my Dad gave me his Kodak 35mm camera, a light meter and a roll of film and I started shooting color slides. From this point on I was “hooked”. During my twenty-one years in the Navy I took many slides from around the world. I retired from the Navy in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1986 as a Master Chief Personnelman.

In 1998 we moved to Florida and the Tampa Bay area and in 2008 we settled in Parrish. I entered the “digital world” in 2001 and now shoot with a Nikon D7100 and an arsenal of lenses. My areas of photographic concentration are nature and wildlife photography. I’m also a huge “railfan” and shoot train pictures whenever that opportunity arises.

I’ve been married to Barb, my wonderful “bride”, companion, navigator and greatest fan for 48 years. Now that we are both retired, we have the freedom to travel the country with our 36 foot travel trailer behind us.  We are finally “Livin’ The Dream” we have been chasing since we bought our first camper back in 1970.

Come along with us as we travel around this beautiful country of ours and visit with friends we have made over the years and try to give you a digital sampling of the beauty of America.