Week 39, Theme 11 – Favorite Room

After this post I’ve only got 13 more to go (ugh).  Hopefully on our trip to Savannah in a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to come up with a bunch of shots to get me up to date.  Anyway, here are three shots of my “Favorite Room”.   Though not necessarily in this order, my first “Favorite Room”  is Barb’s “Girl Cave”.  My next “Favorite Room”  is our living room.  My final “Favorite Room”  is my “Man Cave”.  There is a subtle reason in these pictures why each of these rooms qualifies as my “Favorite Room”.  You might notice that my loving wife was in each of these rooms when I took the picture.  She wouldn’t agree to a photo in the room with the porcelain chair.  😀


DSCN2829 edit 1




Week 38, Theme 10 – Family Table

One day last week I glanced out at the front lawn and Mr. & Mrs. Sand H. Crane and their youngster happened to be eating lunch out in our yard.  Of course my first thought was to get a camera and take a picture as this was the perfect example of “Family Table”. 

DSCN2820 edit 2

Week 30, Theme 25 – Long Shadows

The night of April 10th into the 11th was the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  This year it was held at the United Methodist Church in Parrish.  The theme this year was “Give Cancer the Boot” and seeing as I “Kicked Cancer’s Butt” in 2014, I walked several laps and did it without having to use my oxygen bottle.  Yee haw!!  The relay kicked off about 6:30 Friday evening and finished up at 8:30 Saturday morning.  There were people walking the track the entire time.  As I walked around on Friday night I saw an opportunity to catch a couple of “Long Shadows”  as people circled the track.



Week 17, Theme 1 – At a Distance

A couple of weeks ago, Barb and I took a Sunday afternoon ride to St. Pete.  On the way home, we stopped at the Skyway south rest area and parked in the picnic area for a little while. We totally enjoyed the cooler weather.  How Sweet it was!  Always having a camera with me, I had my Coolpix P7000; I decided to see how I could do with meeting one of our 52 week themes.  I think that these two photos certainly fit the first theme “At a Distance”.

DSCN2577 edit 1

This panorama includes the Sunshine Skyway Bridge all the way around to the St. Petersburg skyline and includes Tropicana Field “At a Distance”.  (click on the picture to enlarge it)

DSCN2581 crop 1

And here “At a Distance” is Tampa.


Week 13, Theme 2 – Below the Knees

A couple of “speed bumps” got me a few days behind in my posting this week.  But, with beautiful weather and renewed energy I captured a few shots and a few ideas and accidentally this post.  We were sitting in the picnic area at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the south rest area and I had my point and shoot in my hands.  I happened to glance down and through the monitor screen I saw this view.  “Snap”!


I said “holy smokes” here’s my answer to my blog challenge for this week:  “Below the Knees”.

Week 1, Theme 15 – Graveyard

Although this theme would be a good option for something “spooky” the week of October 29th in conjunction with Halloween, I decided to provide a little bit of Palmetto history.  When I read the list of themes for this year and I came to “Graveyard”, the first thing I thought of was the “Yellow Fever Cemetery” as this cemetery is sometimes known.  This is actually the first cemetery in Palmetto so it stands to reason that those souls lost due to the 1888 epidemic of Yellow Fever would be buried in this “Graveyard”. Although 85 people came down with the yellow fever, only 11 died from it.  Only 2 graves are actually marked that the person buried there died from the fever.

DSCN2474 edit 2

Sadly the cemetery is in a state of disrepair as can be seen by these next two photos.

DSCN2475 edit 1 DSCN2477 edit 1


Week 49 – 31. Out of Control

It seems that wherever you go you see buildings, railroad cars and public parks and places defaced with graffiti or tagging.  Some of this is gang related where the gangs mark their “turf”, some of it is expressions of art and done by very talented people and some of it is just plain vandalism.  Regardless of the reasons, you’ve got to agree with me that this has really gotten “Out of Control”.  I guess I’m guilty of a drive by shooting of these two tenements or apartment buildings along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York.

GC1_5026 crop 1

GC1_5023 crop 1

And then these Tropicana railroad cars are a mobile display of graffiti.