Week 13, Theme 2 – Below the Knees

A couple of “speed bumps” got me a few days behind in my posting this week.  But, with beautiful weather and renewed energy I captured a few shots and a few ideas and accidentally this post.  We were sitting in the picnic area at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the south rest area and I had my point and shoot in my hands.  I happened to glance down and through the monitor screen I saw this view.  “Snap”!


I said “holy smokes” here’s my answer to my blog challenge for this week:  “Below the Knees”.


Week 12, Theme 12 – Fences and or Rails

When I initially saw this theme, “Fences and or Rails” on the challenge list I said it would be a “piece of cake” to fulfill.  Wrong!  It took a little more work than I expected, but I think I’ve got my rails and fences in a row now.  In this first picture, which includes rails and a fence, the rails are 4 feet 8 1/2 inches apart. GC1_5763 brdr 1The code on the inside of the rail in the next picture indicates that a 3 foot piece of that steel rail weighs 115 pounds and that it was rolled at a Bethlehem Steel Plant in Steelton, PA in January 2000. GC1_5760 brdr 1Now this next picture is an example of a rail fence. GC1_5737 edit 1 brdr 1These fence posts are approximately 8 feet apart and each of the rails probably weigh about 20 pounds.

So, here you have my answer to “Fences and or Rails”.  😀

Week 11, Theme 35 – Rocky Waterscapes

This theme would be so easy to complete if the photographer was going to the New England or Oregon coasts, both known for their “Rocky Waterscapes”.  However, this photographer and his better half are not planning any trips to either locations before this challenge is complete.  I don’t know of anywhere in Florida to find a rugged seacoast so I had to do some thinking and “voila”, I came up with a “Rocky Waterscape” right here in our own backyard.  Well, almost.  There is a block long storm retention pond on US-301 in the Parrish area that has been landscaped into a little park and including a hunting “blind”, a pirate ship with pirate and a raft also with a pirate and other seafaring decorations.  One of the scenes is the one I chose to represent my “Rocky Waterscapes” challenge.  You just need to use your imagination a little.



Week 10, Theme 42 – Skyline Panorama

Two major cities with skylines border on Tampa Bay; Tampa and St. Petersburg.  How hard can it be to get a “Skyline Panorama”?  It took me a Sunday afternoon to find a suitable location to shoot the Tampa skyline.  I was satisfied with my “Skyline Panorama” so I stopped there.  I’m sure I could have found a St. Pete skyline view that would have been dominated by Tropicana Field.  Next time.  Here’s my “Skyline Panorama” of Tampa.

GC1_5716 edit 4 brdr 1