Week 52, Theme 14 – Four Letter Word

In August of 2014, I said that this theme would be an easy one.  Just walk around on old Main Street and I’d be sure to find a neon sign of a “Four Letter Word”.  That didn’t happen.  But now I can say


GC1_7572 edit 1

because after 52 hard weeks meeting each and every challenge and coming up with a response to each of the themes, I am finally able to complete this year’s 52 Week Challenge with a “Four Letter Word”:

 GC1_7571 edit 1



Week 50, Theme 32 – Painting with Light

I had originally scratched this theme as I was unable to make it to the first “Painting with Light”  club field trip.  As the weeks clicked by, I chose one of the alternate themes to cover this one.  I was elated when it was announced that we would have a second opportunity for “Painting with Light”.  Here are several of my efforts.

While watching fireworks on July 4th across the pond from my backyard I played with several of the displays.  This windblown palm tree caught my eye.

GC1_7489 crop 1 edit 1

These next examples were captured during the LWRDPC “Painting with Light”  field trip.

GC1_7553 edit 2

GC1_7579 crop 2 edit 1


I am considering using this next display in my front yard for Christmas this year.

GC1_7574 crop 1 edit 1

And finally this last image reminds me of the closing fireworks display at the St. Louis Olympics.  (Did they even exist?).

GC1_7581 crop 1 edit 1