Week 32, Theme 3 – Before and After



When this fly landed on the swatter, he was not aware that he was in the presence of a world-renowned fly killer; my wife Barb.  As you can see, Mr. Fly met his “Waterloo” with one quick swat.  Here rests Mr. Fly “Before and After”.  

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Week 20, Theme 27 – Memories

The current camping trip we are on is Roadtrip #8, The Reunion Tour.  We have visited with friends we haven’t seen in from 18 to 55 years.  And as my college roommate said, “At this rate, we won’t see each other for another 54 years and 11 months”.  During these visits, lots and lots of “Memories”  were talked about. Also with these visits, more “Memories”  were made.  Here are just a few pictures taken during the trip.

Arnie Petrus, my college “roomie” at Western Kentucky University in 1961.

Nolan and Sandra Oakes.  Nolan and I served aboard the USS Mount Baker (AE4) in the Western Pacific in 1967.

Week 35, Theme 40 – Simplicity

“Simplicity”.   I have suffered from “writer’s or photographer’s block” when it comes to this theme.  For a theme as simplistic as “Simplicity”  should be; I have just totally drawn a blank.  Since my wife Barb retired at the end of April, I have become more active, tagging along with her on some of her errands.  Last week we both had a couple of errands to run in Bradenton, so I went with her to Hancock Fabrics.  While she was doing her shopping, I was wandering around the store when all of a sudden I looked at a counter and this display jumped out at me.  Voila!  “Simplicity”.  There it is.  There’s my post.


Week 31, Theme 29 – On Two Wheels

Recently about 300 members of the St. Petersburg Bike Club took part in their 27th annual Spring Classic in Manatee County bike ride.  There were four different length routes (100, 60, 36 & 20 miles) set up throughout the county and trust me, wherever you went that morning, you were bound to find an individual or group “On Two Wheels” I didn’t have a camera with me other than my cell phone, so these will have to do. The ride was a fundraiser for two non-profit groups to raise awareness of domestic abuse, one in Pinellas County and one in Manatee County.  The above information was extracted from Richard Dymond’s article in the Bradenton Herald.

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Week 20, Theme 37 – Rows and Rows of ………..

I’ve fallen a little behind over the past couple of weeks and so I decided to get it in gear and get caught up.  The catch-up begins here.

In September Barb and I went to the Home Show at Robarts Arena in Sarasota.  Notwithstanding the “Rows and Rows of vendors,”  around the sides of the arena there were “Rows and Rows of seats”.  And will you look at that:  One row has two seats numbered “6”.  Oops!


Week 5, Theme 30 – One Step at a Time

I have chosen to answer this theme, “One Step at a Time”, with My Personal Journey.  There is no moral to this story.  I am not looking for sympathy.  I simply want to share the steps to a cure for some cancer patients.  In my case, I thank God I got pneumonia or else the early detection of my malignancy would not have occurred.

The journey started with a fun-filled extended weekend in NY; however, while up there we both caught a New York cold and brought it home with us.  Having fought it for a week and thinking that I had “kicked” it, suddenly it “kicked” me and I had to make a late night emergency visit to Manatee Memorial Hospital.

DSCN2487 brdr

I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  OK, no big deal, however, now, the rest of the story.  They also found a growth on the other lung and during my 15 day stay in the hospital it was diagnosed as malignant.

Step One:  Do a PET Scan to ensure the cancer had not spread to any other organs in my body.

GC2_9284 brdr

Step Two:  The scan was negative for any other cancer in my body, therefore a surgical cure was indicated and the surgery was scheduled to remove the cancerous lobe.

GC1_5365 edit 1 brdr

The lobe was successfully removed but unfortunately, the biopsy of one of seven lymph nodes also removed revealed a microscopic cancer cell, so My Journey, “One Step at a Time” continued.

Step Three:  Radiation Therapy 5 days a week for 7 weeks as a precautionary measure.

DSCN2480 brdr


Step Four:  Chemo Therapy once a week for 7 sessions also as a precautionary measure.  Chemo treatments are administered in a large treatment room equipped with 11 recliner chairs.  The room stays full so I was unable to get a picture of the room, however I was able to catch one of my IV pole with my chemicals hanging.

Chemo IV pole brdr

At the completion of the final chemo session, My Journey, “One Step at a time” will have reached a temporary final step and I will be considered cured and a Survivor.  There will be follow-ups in the future to ensure there is no recurral.  I hope this has been educational for you.