Week 51, Theme 46 – Still Life

This theme, “Still Life”  is another theme that I had problems with this year; probably because I misinterpreted the definition of “Still Life”.  Then my wife Googled “Still Life”  and I had the definition to reinforce my thoughts.  So…….Saturday, we took a ride to Sarasota to walk the Farmer’s Market and see if I could come up with a few pictures.  I did and here they are, my version of “Still Life”.

GC1_7589 crop 1 edit 1 GC1_7603 crop 1 edit 1

And finally, the one that really makes me hungry:

GC1_7626 crop 1 edit 1


Week 20, Theme 37 – Rows and Rows of ………..

I’ve fallen a little behind over the past couple of weeks and so I decided to get it in gear and get caught up.  The catch-up begins here.

In September Barb and I went to the Home Show at Robarts Arena in Sarasota.  Notwithstanding the “Rows and Rows of vendors,”  around the sides of the arena there were “Rows and Rows of seats”.  And will you look at that:  One row has two seats numbered “6”.  Oops!


Week 15 – 42. Standing Out From The Crowd

This past weekend was the 16th annual “Thunder By The Bay” motorcycle festival in Sarasota.  I thought this would be a great “photo op” and it turned out to meet my expectations.  Barb and I wandered the streets that had been closed off so the bikes could be parked for all to look at.  There were certainly a lot of bikes.


I fully expected that there would be several that could be classified as “Standing Out From The Crowd”.  Here are a couple standouts –



but the bike I feel that most meets the theme of “Standing Out From The Crowd” is this one

GC1_2447 edit 1

GC1_2449 edit 1


Week 7 – 16. History.

While camped at Myakka River State Park near Sarasota this weekend we stopped at the park Visitor Center.  Inside this historical building were displays of wildlife common to the park and historical maps brief histories of the area.  Here are a few photos describing the history.



 DSCN1658 edit 1