Week 29, Theme 22 – It’s A Mystery

Still not having regained my walking stamina, today I took a slow drive through Bradenton’s Village of the Arts.  This quaint little district is on the edge of downtown and offers a wide variety of photo ops, art galleries and a few coffee houses.  As I drove past this house I looked and said “what in the world”?  I drove around the block for another pass and stopped and took this picture thinking about the theme “It’s A Mystery”.

DSCN2660 edit 1

As I continued my drive through the area I spotted this cottage where a man and lady were diligently working outside. In fact I drove by so many times, the gentleman came out to the street and asked me if I was going to arrest him :).  Of course I told him about the blog and explained what I was doing.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any of my business cards with me, but he was good with my explanation.

DSCN2663 edit 1

This little sign fully placed this cottage into the theme of “It’s A Mystery”.  I’m going to solve this mystery in a couple of weeks and drive by and see what this addition turned out to be.

DSCN2662 edit 1


Week 20 – 44. That’s Dangerous

This afternoon Barb and I took a ride to enjoy the spring like weather.  We had no destination in mind and wound up at Riverwalk in Bradenton.  While Barb strolled along the river I went to the Skate Park and watched the “kids” burn up energy and have a  good time.  They don’t just use skateboards, but also in-line skates, scooters and bikes.  In fact I guess anything with wheels that is leg powered qualifies.  The stunts they were doing and practicing were awesome, but to me I can sum it up with two words – “That’s Dangerous”.

DSCN2084 edit 1

DSCN2095 edit 1

DSCN2091 edit 1