Week 5, Theme 11 – Descending

Recently, while in downtown Norfolk, we noticed some workmen “Descending”  the side of a building and cleaning the dirty white stone surface.  As the “Descending”  cleaners made downward progress, it was possible to see the fruits of their labors.

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Week 2, Theme 41 – Shades of Gray

One evening, while in the Tidewater area, we took a dinner cruise on the “Spirit of Norfolk”.  The boat departs from Waterside in Norfolk and cruises down the Elizabeth River to the point where it opens out into the Chesapeake Bay.  As we cruised down the river, we passed various shipyards and the U.S. Navy’s Norfolk Naval Base.  Although the “fleet” wasn’t in port, there were a considerable number of ships in for maintenance or stand-down periods between at-sea operations.  With the evening light, the ships appeared to be in various “Shades of Gray”.

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Week 17 – 45. That’s So Funny

During our visit to Virginia Beach at Christmas last year we spent an evening in Norfolk at a huge shopping mall.  As we wandered the mall we spotted this fountain and one of our group suggested I try a Forced Perspective shot of my niece’s son.  We posed Carter and I took several shots just prior to being told by mall security to put my camera away.  My thought was “That’s So Funny”.

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