Week 3, Theme 39 – Rainy Day

The other evening on our way to get something to eat I spotted a rainbow to the east of us.  As I drove on looking for a place to stop and still have a good view of the rainbow, it developed into a double rainbow.  I found a place to park on this “Rainy Day”  and I captured these images with the only camera I had with me, my Samsung S6 smart phone.

20150815_185235 edit 2

20150815_185249 edit 2


Week 52, Theme 14 – Four Letter Word

In August of 2014, I said that this theme would be an easy one.  Just walk around on old Main Street and I’d be sure to find a neon sign of a “Four Letter Word”.  That didn’t happen.  But now I can say


GC1_7572 edit 1

because after 52 hard weeks meeting each and every challenge and coming up with a response to each of the themes, I am finally able to complete this year’s 52 Week Challenge with a “Four Letter Word”:

 GC1_7571 edit 1


Week 50, Theme 32 – Painting with Light

I had originally scratched this theme as I was unable to make it to the first “Painting with Light”  club field trip.  As the weeks clicked by, I chose one of the alternate themes to cover this one.  I was elated when it was announced that we would have a second opportunity for “Painting with Light”.  Here are several of my efforts.

While watching fireworks on July 4th across the pond from my backyard I played with several of the displays.  This windblown palm tree caught my eye.

GC1_7489 crop 1 edit 1

These next examples were captured during the LWRDPC “Painting with Light”  field trip.

GC1_7553 edit 2

GC1_7579 crop 2 edit 1


I am considering using this next display in my front yard for Christmas this year.

GC1_7574 crop 1 edit 1

And finally this last image reminds me of the closing fireworks display at the St. Louis Olympics.  (Did they even exist?).

GC1_7581 crop 1 edit 1

Week 39, Theme 11 – Favorite Room

After this post I’ve only got 13 more to go (ugh).  Hopefully on our trip to Savannah in a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to come up with a bunch of shots to get me up to date.  Anyway, here are three shots of my “Favorite Room”.   Though not necessarily in this order, my first “Favorite Room”  is Barb’s “Girl Cave”.  My next “Favorite Room”  is our living room.  My final “Favorite Room”  is my “Man Cave”.  There is a subtle reason in these pictures why each of these rooms qualifies as my “Favorite Room”.  You might notice that my loving wife was in each of these rooms when I took the picture.  She wouldn’t agree to a photo in the room with the porcelain chair.  😀


DSCN2829 edit 1



Week 38, Theme 10 – Family Table

One day last week I glanced out at the front lawn and Mr. & Mrs. Sand H. Crane and their youngster happened to be eating lunch out in our yard.  Of course my first thought was to get a camera and take a picture as this was the perfect example of “Family Table”. 

DSCN2820 edit 2

Week 37, Theme 21 – It Happens Over Time

Once upon a time this was a bright and shiny business that the owner was very proud of.  Then for some reason unknown to me, the business closed down and the buildings were abandoned and the property became overgrown.  I guess “It Happens Over Time”,   a sad fact of life.  Now the property is for sale, 14 acres, and sooner or later the location will sport a brand new bright and shiny business.  I hope it’s a McDonald’s, or a Wendy’s, or a Carrabba’s, or etc.


I’m assuming that this building was also part of the adjoining  business location.  It not, it still has been abandoned and is a perfect example of “It Happens Over Time”.

GC1_7027 edit 1

Week 29, Theme 22 – It’s A Mystery

Still not having regained my walking stamina, today I took a slow drive through Bradenton’s Village of the Arts.  This quaint little district is on the edge of downtown and offers a wide variety of photo ops, art galleries and a few coffee houses.  As I drove past this house I looked and said “what in the world”?  I drove around the block for another pass and stopped and took this picture thinking about the theme “It’s A Mystery”.

DSCN2660 edit 1

As I continued my drive through the area I spotted this cottage where a man and lady were diligently working outside. In fact I drove by so many times, the gentleman came out to the street and asked me if I was going to arrest him :).  Of course I told him about the blog and explained what I was doing.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any of my business cards with me, but he was good with my explanation.

DSCN2663 edit 1

This little sign fully placed this cottage into the theme of “It’s A Mystery”.  I’m going to solve this mystery in a couple of weeks and drive by and see what this addition turned out to be.

DSCN2662 edit 1