Week 17, Theme 22 – Laundry

One fact of life is that clothes get dirty, and one necessary evil is that when you’re on the road for a long period of time, you will eventually run out of clean clothes. So, to remedy this problem you must do “Laundry”.  Not all campgrounds are equipped with a laundromat or laundry facilities.  Some RVs, Campers, and trailers are equipped with a stackable washer/dryer combination.  Not ours.  This stop was one of those “Laundry”  stops.  Here’s Barb loading up the washing machine and getting ready to pay it to wash our clothes.  While in Little Rock, one of our close friends let us use their washer and dryer.  Hopefully we’ll be good until we get home.

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Week 16, Theme 40 – Rusty

As we were heading out on Pinnacle Valley road to the campground we’re staying at this week, we came across this statue of a bird dog at someone’s house.  When I spotted the dog I said my gosh, this dog’s name must be “Rusty”  based on its “Rusty”  condition.  It’s a rather unique sculpture of a Labrador Retriever with a bird at his feet and not a drop of paint on it.  Very appropriate for theme 40.

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Week 15, Theme 17 – Gate

The last time we were in Savannah I was unsuccessful in capturing a useable image of the infamous Bonaventure Cemetery Gate”.  Better luck this trip and a couple of weeks ago while we were in Savannah for a few days I was successful.  This cemetery is well-known as the final resting place of many of Savannah’s rich and famous including songwriter Johnny Mercer.  Those familiar with the book “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil” will also find the grave of Danny Hansford here.

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Week 14, Theme 13 – Downtown in B & W

While in Asheville, NC this past week, we took a trolley tour of the city.  During the tour, the driver pointed out something a little quirky about two adjoining buildings.  The two buildings were built at the exact same time.  They were designed by two different architects and built by two different contractors.  Only the building on the corner, the 13 story Jackson Building,  Asheville’s first skyscraper, was built with stairs and elevators. The adjoining and shorter 8 story Westall Building was built without these conveniences. Instead there is an open archway on each floor connecting the two buildings so that the occupants of the Westall Building can share the stairs or elevators of the Jackson Building to gain access to their offices.

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