Week 27, Theme A2 – Christmastime

We spent “Christmastime”  2015 with family in Virginia Beach and Stafford (in northern Virginia).  While in Stafford, the entire family was there for Christmas Eve and dinner on Christmas day.  With three young’uns celebrating Santa’s visit, Christmas morn was a wild time.

Stafford, VA is about an hours’ drive from Washington, DC.  Blessed with warm and dry weather, we drove to Washington the day after Christmas and took a quick car window tour.  We visited the United States Navy Memorial and thoroughly enjoyed our tour.  I couldn’t resist this picture of two “Old Salts” (my brother-in-law and me) with the Lone Sailor and also this one of the Navy Christmas Tree.

DSCN3272 edit 1DSCN3293 edit 1


Week 14, Theme 13 – Downtown in B & W

While in Asheville, NC this past week, we took a trolley tour of the city.  During the tour, the driver pointed out something a little quirky about two adjoining buildings.  The two buildings were built at the exact same time.  They were designed by two different architects and built by two different contractors.  Only the building on the corner, the 13 story Jackson Building,  Asheville’s first skyscraper, was built with stairs and elevators. The adjoining and shorter 8 story Westall Building was built without these conveniences. Instead there is an open archway on each floor connecting the two buildings so that the occupants of the Westall Building can share the stairs or elevators of the Jackson Building to gain access to their offices.

GC1_8508 edit 1_tonemapped framed

Week 6, Theme 34 – OMG!

Living up to my reputation of not posting on time, today will be week 6, only 4 or 5 weeks behind, but I’ve got a whole year to catch up.

We are currently on Road Trip #4, Big Bend Scenic Byway in Florida.  We are camped at Carrabelle Beach RV Resort, a really nice campground.

Anyway, on with the story……  Today is my bride’s birthday so I took her out to one of the local eateries for breakfast.  As we pulled into the parking lot and I swung around the building to park, I said “OMG!”  look at this.  Get your camera and I grabbed mine to capture this picture.

DSCN3007 edit 1

Week 33 – A4. My Hometown

This is another theme that I have been planning on since last August when we kicked off the 52 week challenge.  I knew that we would be going up to New York for Barb’s 50th high school reunion and that there would be time to get a few snaps in “My Hometown”.  So – with no further ado, here we go:

DSCN2228 edit 1

Population 37,500 in the 2010 census.


My dad bought this house in the mid 1940’s and I grew up here.  Since he sold the house in 1974, the new owners have put on at least 3 additions.


My elementary school.  My mom and I both attended school here, she in the 1920’s and I attended in the late 40’s and early 50’s.  We even had a couple of the same teachers.


My church.  When Barb and I were married here in 1968, there were about 500 members.  Now the membership has shrunk to about 40.  How sad.


Sal & Vin’s Barber Shop.  Note that it was established in 1952.  This business hasn’t changed in appearance in 62 years.  Still looks like it did back in the day when I got my hair cut there.

And there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed “My Hometown” in pictures.  This visit sure brought back a lot to reminisce about.


Week 31 – 21. In The Clouds

Since we started this 52 week project I’ve been waiting to satisfy this theme with something like “oh, that looks like a ….” “In The Clouds”.  This wasn’t to be, so I have resorted to an earlier idea of mine and several other bloggers.  Yesterday we flew from Tampa to Long Island, NY for Barb’s 50th high school class reunion in Oceanside, NY.  The weather in Tampa was sunny with puffy clouds as seen in this cell phone shot as we taxied out to the runway.  My thoughts were that we would soon be “In The Clouds”. 20140514_105452 edit 1

As we got airborne and were passing over the Howard Frankland Bridge crossing the upper end of Tampa Bay between Tampa and St Petersburg I took another shot of the  puffy clouds we would be flying in or more correctly, over.

20140514_105909 edit 1

Our flight was uneventful and we flew above puffy clouds, but always able to see the ground 39,000 beet below us until about the half way point.  Then we crossed a frontal boundary and were flying over a sold bank of clouds.  When we started making our approach to Islip, LI, NY we had to pass through this cloud bank and we were really “In The Clouds”.

20140514_131445 edit 1

Week 25 – 41. Splash

This theme comes to mind in different ways. A drive down the “Tamiami Trail” and you will see some “sun ‘n’ fun” stores called “Splash” where you can purchase just about anything you need to go splash in the Gulf surf. You can get tanning lotions to splash on your body to protect you from the rays of the sun.

DSCN2105 edit 1

You can take the kids or grandkids to Riverwalk Park in Bradenton and let them have fun on the Splash pad.

GC1_3424 edit 1

But then, I can go out in my backyard and watch the activity on the pond behind the house as a white pelican lands in a BIG “Splash”.

GC1_2957 edit 1

And there you have it folks.


Week 22 – 4. Architecture

To satisfy the theme “Architecture” , I decided that I would attempt to show different styles of architecture found locally.  While camped for a long weekend at Arcadia, Barb and I went for a couple of short rides touring the area and I came back with these very different examples of “Architecture”.

This first picture shows the DeSoto County Courthouse.  This red brick courthouse was built in 1912-1913 and is of the Classical Revival style of architecture.

GC1_2822 edit 1

This next photo is of what I call a Southern Plantation style of architecture.  As you can see this house was allowed to deteriorate, but out of sight in the picture there is some much-needed restoration in progress.

GC1_2830 edit 1

These next two pictures were taken at the Hardee County Pioneer Park in Zolfo Springs.  The park is located on the famous Florida Cracker Trail and within the park are the Pioneer Village and the Cracker Trail Museum.  Both the Cracker Trail Post Office and the W.H. Hart cabin are typical of the “Cracker” style of architecture.  The post office dates to 1886 and the cabin was built in 1879.

GC1_2832 edit 1

GC1_2847 edit 1