Week 5, Theme 30 – One Step at a Time

I have chosen to answer this theme, “One Step at a Time”, with My Personal Journey.  There is no moral to this story.  I am not looking for sympathy.  I simply want to share the steps to a cure for some cancer patients.  In my case, I thank God I got pneumonia or else the early detection of my malignancy would not have occurred.

The journey started with a fun-filled extended weekend in NY; however, while up there we both caught a New York cold and brought it home with us.  Having fought it for a week and thinking that I had “kicked” it, suddenly it “kicked” me and I had to make a late night emergency visit to Manatee Memorial Hospital.

DSCN2487 brdr

I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  OK, no big deal, however, now, the rest of the story.  They also found a growth on the other lung and during my 15 day stay in the hospital it was diagnosed as malignant.

Step One:  Do a PET Scan to ensure the cancer had not spread to any other organs in my body.

GC2_9284 brdr

Step Two:  The scan was negative for any other cancer in my body, therefore a surgical cure was indicated and the surgery was scheduled to remove the cancerous lobe.

GC1_5365 edit 1 brdr

The lobe was successfully removed but unfortunately, the biopsy of one of seven lymph nodes also removed revealed a microscopic cancer cell, so My Journey, “One Step at a Time” continued.

Step Three:  Radiation Therapy 5 days a week for 7 weeks as a precautionary measure.

DSCN2480 brdr


Step Four:  Chemo Therapy once a week for 7 sessions also as a precautionary measure.  Chemo treatments are administered in a large treatment room equipped with 11 recliner chairs.  The room stays full so I was unable to get a picture of the room, however I was able to catch one of my IV pole with my chemicals hanging.

Chemo IV pole brdr

At the completion of the final chemo session, My Journey, “One Step at a time” will have reached a temporary final step and I will be considered cured and a Survivor.  There will be follow-ups in the future to ensure there is no recurral.  I hope this has been educational for you.



Week 4, Theme 41 – Single Color on Black & White

Selective color or “Single Color on Black & White” is something that I have never played around with so this challenge gave me something new to have some fun with.  Riverwalk in downtown Bradenton along the Manatee River never fails to provide photo ops and this visit was no exception.  There is a lot of color in the children’s playground area, notwithstanding lots and lots of petunias.  A perfect opportunity to experiment with presenting a couple of examples of “Single Color on Black & White”.

GC1_5332 edit 1

GC1_5351 edit 2

Week 3, Theme 43 – Solitary

One day when I was out on Anna Maria Island I went to the beach area at the north end of the island hoping for some photo ops.  I was not disappointed as there was a “Solitary” sailboat slowly sailing back and forth providing me the perfect subject for this theme.  This boat actually sails out of Anna Maria Island  for sunset cruises, dolphin watching trips and more.  Sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon.

GC1_5262 edit 3

GC1_5267_tonemapped edit 3


Week 2, Theme 19 – Horses and Humans

I took a ride to Anna Maria Island with hopes of answering some of the themes on our list.  When I reached Palma Sola Bay I immediately pulled over and started shooting.  What was I shooting at?  There in the water of the bay was a perfect example of “Horses and Humans” both enjoying a swim in the warm waters of the bay.  This family sure knows how to relax.

GC1_5235 edit 1

GC1_5231 crop 1




Week 1, Theme 15 – Graveyard

Although this theme would be a good option for something “spooky” the week of October 29th in conjunction with Halloween, I decided to provide a little bit of Palmetto history.  When I read the list of themes for this year and I came to “Graveyard”, the first thing I thought of was the “Yellow Fever Cemetery” as this cemetery is sometimes known.  This is actually the first cemetery in Palmetto so it stands to reason that those souls lost due to the 1888 epidemic of Yellow Fever would be buried in this “Graveyard”. Although 85 people came down with the yellow fever, only 11 died from it.  Only 2 graves are actually marked that the person buried there died from the fever.

DSCN2474 edit 2

Sadly the cemetery is in a state of disrepair as can be seen by these next two photos.

DSCN2475 edit 1 DSCN2477 edit 1