Week 48 – A6. Animal(s) At Play

I have put more miles on my little car making the rounds of the dog parks and open fields where someone may be exercising their dog all to no avail.  As a result, I had to dig into my archives and I found these pictures of my nephew’s dog Emmie being given the runaround by her “Uncle Rob” who was throwing the stick.  Emmie’s cousins Carter and Alaina were also out there having fun.  It was Christmas Eve in Virginia Beach and bitter cold, but that didn’t stop the fun.  This is my presentation for “Animals At Play”, and I guarantee that Emmie had a blast.

GC2_8680 crop 1

DSCN1907 crop 1


Week 47 – 32. Out of Place

What are the odds of something like this happening?  I had planned on using a carousel horse that was mounted on the porch of a mobile home in Palmetto for this challenge.  Ready to go get my photo and my buddy tells me that it had been put away for the summer while the “snowbirds” went back up north.  Here comes the odd part, while searching out another theme, I came across another carousel horse in someones front yard in Parrish, about 5 miles from the first one.  Now you tell me the odds of finding 2 carousel horses so close together.  I guess both horses are “Out of Place” as they are on a porch or in a front yard and not on a carousel.

DSCN2409 crop 1

Week 5 – 7. Catch Me If You Can

On September 5th I posted picture for this category that didn’t meet the criteria for the 52 week challenge, but I HAD TO post that 46 year old picture because it so perfectly fit the theme of “Catch Me If You Can”.  I designated it the 53rd week.  Now it’s time to post the current “Catch Me If You Can” and here are two examples.


GC1_3843 edit 1

Week 46 – 3. An Expression of Love

Walk into any Publix Grocery Store and you can always find an opportunity to bring home “An Expression of Love” to the Love of Your Life.  Publix always has a wide selection of both fresh-cut flowers or potted plants.

20140617_153240 edit 1

OR, you can go to Walgreen’s and purchase “An Expression of Love” in the Sweets for My Sweet category.



Week 45 – 28. Love is….

Barb and I got married in June of 1968 and in the spring of 1970 we bought our first camper.

1970---001-Scan-CMPG-First Camper @ Jefferson Natl Forest

Over the years we have moved up through seven campers to our current travel trailer, including several years of tenting and also living full-time in our 35 foot fifth wheel for 7 years.

GC1_3858_59_60_tonemapped ver 1

For us, “Love Is….”Camping and being one with nature, enjoying the great outdoors and of course taking pictures of our experiences.

Week 44 – 5. Bouncer

My initial plan for this theme was to get a photo of some guys playing basketball or a photo of a security guard (bouncer) at a bar.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a group of guys playing some “hoop” and I’m not into the bar scene anymore, so this display of beach balls is going to have to satisfy this challenge as I’m sure that any one of these beach balls will make a good “Bouncer.”



Week 43 – A2. Family

We spent Christmas 2013 with Barbs’ Family in Virginia Beach.  Her family is quite large and yesterday while reviewing my Christmas archives I came across this picture that has a small portion of the family.  Believe it or not, but the entire time up there we never thought to do a complete “Family” portrait.  Maybe next year.