Week 31, Theme 23 – Letters

We get “letters”, we get lots and lots of “letters”.

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Week 39, Theme 11 – Favorite Room

After this post I’ve only got 13 more to go (ugh).  Hopefully on our trip to Savannah in a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to come up with a bunch of shots to get me up to date.  Anyway, here are three shots of my “Favorite Room”.   Though not necessarily in this order, my first “Favorite Room”  is Barb’s “Girl Cave”.  My next “Favorite Room”  is our living room.  My final “Favorite Room”  is my “Man Cave”.  There is a subtle reason in these pictures why each of these rooms qualifies as my “Favorite Room”.  You might notice that my loving wife was in each of these rooms when I took the picture.  She wouldn’t agree to a photo in the room with the porcelain chair.  😀


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Week 38, Theme 10 – Family Table

One day last week I glanced out at the front lawn and Mr. & Mrs. Sand H. Crane and their youngster happened to be eating lunch out in our yard.  Of course my first thought was to get a camera and take a picture as this was the perfect example of “Family Table”. 

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Week 37, Theme 21 – It Happens Over Time

Once upon a time this was a bright and shiny business that the owner was very proud of.  Then for some reason unknown to me, the business closed down and the buildings were abandoned and the property became overgrown.  I guess “It Happens Over Time”,   a sad fact of life.  Now the property is for sale, 14 acres, and sooner or later the location will sport a brand new bright and shiny business.  I hope it’s a McDonald’s, or a Wendy’s, or a Carrabba’s, or etc.


I’m assuming that this building was also part of the adjoining  business location.  It not, it still has been abandoned and is a perfect example of “It Happens Over Time”.

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Week 30, Theme 25 – Long Shadows

The night of April 10th into the 11th was the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  This year it was held at the United Methodist Church in Parrish.  The theme this year was “Give Cancer the Boot” and seeing as I “Kicked Cancer’s Butt” in 2014, I walked several laps and did it without having to use my oxygen bottle.  Yee haw!!  The relay kicked off about 6:30 Friday evening and finished up at 8:30 Saturday morning.  There were people walking the track the entire time.  As I walked around on Friday night I saw an opportunity to catch a couple of “Long Shadows”  as people circled the track.



Week 26, Theme 38 – Selfie

I’m still behind, but getting closer.  At least now I’m only a week behind.  I’ve been waiting for just the right sunny conditions for the theme “Selfie” and I found those conditions this week.  I was so happy, I posted two!

GC1_6354 edit 2

You can recognize me in this next one.

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And there you have it, my “Selfie”.