Road Trip #9, Part 3 – Fall Colors? What Fall Colors?

After leaving the Skyline Drive and the mountains of Virginia we took a route leading us to Cooperstown, NY, and the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I had been there years ago and Barb had never been, so our visit to the Hall of Fame was awesome.  Of course we saw the plaques of all of our favorite Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, notwithstanding those of our other favorite players from over the years.  Here are a couple of memories.

After two days in Cooperstown, we moved on to Copake, NY and a one week visit with our longtime friends, Ken and Carol.  We stayed at the KOA in Copake where the theme for the weekend was The Wizard of Oz topped off with a Saturday morning Hot Air Balloon fest.  The owner of the CG gave us a premier campsite right across the street from the balloon launch zone when she found out I was a photographer.

While in Copake we took a day’s ride to Poughkeepsie, NY.  I have a Revolutionary War ancestor, Casper Casparus Westervelt, who served as a private in the NY Militia in the 1700’s and is buried there.  We spent the day in the Dutchess county courthouses in Poughkeepsie unsuccessfully trying to locate the grave yard and came away with a copy of his will and the deed to his property.


Upstate New York has such picturesque farms.

We had a fantastic visit with Ken and Carol but we were about a month too early for the change in colors in Copake.  Maybe we shoulda gone to Maine.  We heard that their trees had color.  Anyway it was time to move on to the next leg of our journey, so on September 24th we headed for Rhode Island, a small state in which we had previously spent a small amount of time.


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Livin’ The Dream

On the Road with George ‘n’ Barb

After taking part in a 52 week photo challenge for the past three years, I have found it increasingly more difficult to dedicate the time to meet the challenges. As a result I have decided to head off in a more relaxed, new and different direction.  I hope that although this new site is a different theme, my followers will continue to follow as I will certainly be following the 52 Week Photo Challenge.

I’ve been married to Barb, my wonderful “bride”, companion, navigator and greatest fan for 48 years.  Now that we are both retired, we have the freedom to travel the country with our 36 foot travel trailer behind us.  We are finally “Livin’ The Dream”  we have been chasing since we bought our first camper back in 1970.

CMPG-201510-002-Carrabelle Beach RV Resort, Carrabelle Beach, FL-GC2_9741

Week 24, Theme 28 – Mirrored Image

Here we are with a waterfront campsite at West Point Lake in Georgia.  This was really a nice campsite on the water in a cove.  The last morning we were there the water was just as flat and reflective as could be.  I went out to see if it was going to be a “photo opp” and sure enough it was.  So here’s my “Mirrored Image”.

GC1_9060 edit 3

Week 23, Theme 48 – Three of a Kind

It seems like the three Corps of Engineers campgrounds that we camped at, Sweetwater, West Point and Eastbank, all had Canadian Geese residing in the park.  Gee “Three of a Kind”.  I was fortunate enough to get some pictures of Mom and Pop with their young ones.  Here’s a picture of the parents and “Three of a Kind”  times 2.

GC2_9957 edit 3

Week 22, Theme 42 – Silhouette

Several times I attempted to satisfy this theme but to no avail. Recently while camped on a lake, Barb spotted this lone fisherman all by himself out on the lake in the late afternoon and said there’s a good “Silhouette”.  When I looked, I thought immediately, that’s a good “Silhouette”.

GC2_9993 edit 1

Week 17, Theme 22 – Laundry

One fact of life is that clothes get dirty, and one necessary evil is that when you’re on the road for a long period of time, you will eventually run out of clean clothes. So, to remedy this problem you must do “Laundry”.  Not all campgrounds are equipped with a laundromat or laundry facilities.  Some RVs, Campers, and trailers are equipped with a stackable washer/dryer combination.  Not ours.  This stop was one of those “Laundry”  stops.  Here’s Barb loading up the washing machine and getting ready to pay it to wash our clothes.  While in Little Rock, one of our close friends let us use their washer and dryer.  Hopefully we’ll be good until we get home.

GC1_8946 edit 1

GC1_8948 edit 1

Week 9, Theme A3 – Nature

Here we are communing with “Nature”.  Earlier this year we decided to do a “Road Trip” during Thanksgiving, so we made reservations at one of Florida’s beautiful state parks.  Road trip #5 has brought us to Three Rivers State Park in Sneads, northwest of Tallahassee.  We are camped on Lake Seminole, an Army Corps of Engineers water management project built in 1947.  The Jim Woodruff Dam was built at the confluence of the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers creating the lake. Below the dam, the waters become the Apalachicola River and flow to the Gulf of Mexico.  Hence the name of the state park.

GC1_8201 edit 1

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