Week 22 – 4. Architecture

To satisfy the theme “Architecture” , I decided that I would attempt to show different styles of architecture found locally.  While camped for a long weekend at Arcadia, Barb and I went for a couple of short rides touring the area and I came back with these very different examples of “Architecture”.

This first picture shows the DeSoto County Courthouse.  This red brick courthouse was built in 1912-1913 and is of the Classical Revival style of architecture.

GC1_2822 edit 1

This next photo is of what I call a Southern Plantation style of architecture.  As you can see this house was allowed to deteriorate, but out of sight in the picture there is some much-needed restoration in progress.

GC1_2830 edit 1

These next two pictures were taken at the Hardee County Pioneer Park in Zolfo Springs.  The park is located on the famous Florida Cracker Trail and within the park are the Pioneer Village and the Cracker Trail Museum.  Both the Cracker Trail Post Office and the W.H. Hart cabin are typical of the “Cracker” style of architecture.  The post office dates to 1886 and the cabin was built in 1879.

GC1_2832 edit 1

GC1_2847 edit 1


Week 21- 17. Holy Smoke!!!

This afternoon on highway 70 near Myakka City on my way back from Arcadia I looked across a field on my right and seeing the smoke in the sky,  I said “Holy Smoke!!!” I sure hope that’s a controlled burn and not an uncontrolled brush fire.  Today was a beautiful day with low humidity, a nice breeze and a cloudless sky.  Florida Chamber of Commerce weather.

GC2_8822 edit 1

Week 20 – 44. That’s Dangerous

This afternoon Barb and I took a ride to enjoy the spring like weather.  We had no destination in mind and wound up at Riverwalk in Bradenton.  While Barb strolled along the river I went to the Skate Park and watched the “kids” burn up energy and have a  good time.  They don’t just use skateboards, but also in-line skates, scooters and bikes.  In fact I guess anything with wheels that is leg powered qualifies.  The stunts they were doing and practicing were awesome, but to me I can sum it up with two words – “That’s Dangerous”.

DSCN2084 edit 1

DSCN2095 edit 1

DSCN2091 edit 1



Week 19 – 47. The S Curve

Numerous times each week I drive on Old Tampa Road in Parrish and negotiate the “squiggle” as this sign in the first picture indicates.  A month or two back I realized that when coming from the other direction, not a “squiggle”, but a perfect “S Curve” can be seen.  Now to get the weather and traffic to cooperate while I pull over on the side of the road and try to get a perfect picture of “The S Curve”. Today was perfect and now I’m one more picture closer to target.

GC1_2704 edit 1

GC1_2696 edit 1


Week 18 – 9. Foggy

I’ve been saving this theme for just the right time and it’s here.  It’s that time of the year when we see a lot of morning fog due to our weather conditions.  Additionally, I should be posting for week 27 and instead I’m 9 weeks behind.

As I said, the weather conditions are perfect for morning fog and this morning was no different.  As the sun came up I could see that it was very “Foggy” outside so I decided to take a short drive to the Fort Hamer park on the Manatee River.  When I got there the conditions were perfect for this theme and I took several “Foggy” pictures.  Here are two of them.

GC1_2665 edit 1

I’m guessing that the guy on the dock was trying to decide if it was safe enough to navigate down the river.  As you can see in the next image, you can barely make out the channel marker for leaving the boat ramp area.

GC1_2676 edit 1