All New Look

Sound a Trumpet Fanfare. Here is the ALL NEW LOOK & TITLE  for my blog. Keep watching for my responses to the new 52 week photo challenge starting on Friday, August 1st.


Week 52 – 27. Lost/Forgotten Items

Well here it is, finally, Week 52 and the final challenge for this year.  Before you know it, another year will start and we’ll all be procrastinating again.  Not me!  I’m not gonna get behind this year (famous last words).  This theme was my final check to make sure that I didn’t have any “Lost/Forgotten Items”.  My inventory is complete and I have all my lenses, lens caps, filters, tripods and associated camera gear.  No “Lost/Forgotten Items” here.  BUT….look over there at the deserted community pool…..there’s a towel and a pair of flip-flops that someone has “Lost/Forgotten”.


Watch for the all new 2014-2015 Fifty-Two Week Photo Challenge and my answers to these challenges in an all new blog of “Fifty-two Challenges Thru George’s Lens”.


Week 51 – 23. It Floats

One afternoon we were out at Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto and this colorful sailboat was beached at the point.  While the owner was busy making adjustments with the rigging, his first mate was deeply involved discussing the merits of sailing.  Shortly they pushed the boat out into the water, hopped aboard and said “It Floats” and then they sailed away.

GC1_1725 crop 1

GC1_1740 edit 1

Week 50 – 36. Pretty Baby

Sticking with my favorite type of photography, wildlife, I came across this photo in my 2014 archives.  I’m sure mama egret swears she has a “Pretty Baby” or two in the nest, but she’s partial, they’re her babies.  Although the pure white and fuzziness of these two young egrets makes them cute, In my mind it just doesn’t fit “Pretty Baby”.

Theme 36 - Pretty Baby

Week 49 – 31. Out of Control

It seems that wherever you go you see buildings, railroad cars and public parks and places defaced with graffiti or tagging.  Some of this is gang related where the gangs mark their “turf”, some of it is expressions of art and done by very talented people and some of it is just plain vandalism.  Regardless of the reasons, you’ve got to agree with me that this has really gotten “Out of Control”.  I guess I’m guilty of a drive by shooting of these two tenements or apartment buildings along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York.

GC1_5026 crop 1

GC1_5023 crop 1

And then these Tropicana railroad cars are a mobile display of graffiti.