Week 5, Theme 11 – Descending

Recently, while in downtown Norfolk, we noticed some workmen “Descending”  the side of a building and cleaning the dirty white stone surface.  As the “Descending”  cleaners made downward progress, it was possible to see the fruits of their labors.

 GC2_9385 edit 4


Week 4, Theme 5 – Birds Eye View

For this theme, “Bird’s Eye View”,  I chose to use an Eagle’s “Bird’s Eye View”  from the top of Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia.  Mill Mountain, at 1693 feet above sea level, is an ideal location to view the city of Roanoke and surrounding counties and mountains.  On top of the mountain is the famous Roanoke Star.  This star was erected in 1949 and is the reason that Roanoke is known as the Star City of the South.  When we lived in Roanoke, if the star was lit up in red instead of white, it signified that there had been a local traffic fatality.  This practice was later discontinued.  Over the years, Roanoke has grown and spread out as this “Bird’s Eye View”  shows.

GC2_9580 edit 1

As a bonus I’ve included images of the star and of the plaques at the base of the star.

GC2_9596 edit 2

GC2_9592 edit1

Week 3, Theme 39 – Rainy Day

The other evening on our way to get something to eat I spotted a rainbow to the east of us.  As I drove on looking for a place to stop and still have a good view of the rainbow, it developed into a double rainbow.  I found a place to park on this “Rainy Day”  and I captured these images with the only camera I had with me, my Samsung S6 smart phone.

20150815_185235 edit 2

20150815_185249 edit 2

Week 2, Theme 41 – Shades of Gray

One evening, while in the Tidewater area, we took a dinner cruise on the “Spirit of Norfolk”.  The boat departs from Waterside in Norfolk and cruises down the Elizabeth River to the point where it opens out into the Chesapeake Bay.  As we cruised down the river, we passed various shipyards and the U.S. Navy’s Norfolk Naval Base.  Although the “fleet” wasn’t in port, there were a considerable number of ships in for maintenance or stand-down periods between at-sea operations.  With the evening light, the ships appeared to be in various “Shades of Gray”.

 GC2_9418 edit 2

Week 1, Theme 2 – A Worm’s View

During a recent Road Trip to Virginia, we spent some time in Virginia Beach at my brother-in-law’s home.  Over the years my sister-in-law has accumulated a collection of ceramic elves and has placed them in their yard around the trees.  Here is one of those elves from “A Worm’s View”.

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Happy New Year

The new blog year has started and I’m looking forward to posting Fifty-two Views Thru My Lens again this year.  Barb and I are currently on another road trip; this time to Virginia. So far, no photo ops, but that will change tonight on a dinner cruise around the Norfolk harbor.

I am also looking forward to following all the other bloggers postings in the 52 Week Challenge.