Week 18, Theme 7 – Car Lights

Everyone seems to have responded to this theme in the same way; pictures of car head or tail lights both during the day and night.  Well by now, y’all have gotten to know George, the perennial blog clown.  For my response to the them “Car Lights” I’m giving you some pictures of “No Car Lights”.  😀

GC1_6030 crop 1

GC1_6031 crop 1

GC1_6034 crop

And here’s a T-bucket that hasn’t hidden his lights including a big ole fog light.

GC1_6063 crop 1

So there you have it folks, “No Car Lights” and “Car Lights”.


Week 17, Theme 1 – At a Distance

A couple of weeks ago, Barb and I took a Sunday afternoon ride to St. Pete.  On the way home, we stopped at the Skyway south rest area and parked in the picnic area for a little while. We totally enjoyed the cooler weather.  How Sweet it was!  Always having a camera with me, I had my Coolpix P7000; I decided to see how I could do with meeting one of our 52 week themes.  I think that these two photos certainly fit the first theme “At a Distance”.

DSCN2577 edit 1

This panorama includes the Sunshine Skyway Bridge all the way around to the St. Petersburg skyline and includes Tropicana Field “At a Distance”.  (click on the picture to enlarge it)

DSCN2581 crop 1

And here “At a Distance” is Tampa.


Week 16, Theme 17 – High Above

Recently I was out in my backyard enjoying the beautiful fall weather when some or our resident and migrating birds decided to put on an air show.  Of course, by the time I got back with my camera, the show was over and all that remained was this four engine bird followed by an Anhinga “High Above” our pond.

GC1_5969 edit 1    GC1_5835 crop 1

During the morning I observed a pilot friend of mine practicing competitive aerobatics with his plane “High Above”  the Manatee County Radio Control aircraft park.

GC1_5919 edit 1

Earlier that morning I was fortunate enough to get a photo of one of the “Suburban Eagles” who maintains an alternate nest “High Above” US-301 on a cell tower in Parrish.

GC1_5889 crop 1

Can you see him up there?  He’s sure “High Above” US-301.

How’s this?  Any better?

GC1_5861 edit 1 Crop 3

Week 15, Theme 8 – Differences

Recently, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office held their 29th annual Flight to the North Pole benefit car show.  This raises money to provide a Christmas Party for terminally ill children.  Barb and I wandered around the parking lot at the Sheriff’s Office looking at and taking pictures of the different cars on display.  One of our 52-Week Photo Challenge Themes is “Differences”.  Here are three different 1923 Ford “T-Buckets”.  Even though they are the same model year, each owner has customized his car to his own individual ideas.  As you can see there are may “Differences”.

GC1_6054 crop 1

GC1_6054 crop 2

GC1_6057 crop 1


Week 14, Theme 18 – Holiday Spirit

Last night the neighborhood was overrun with goblins, ghosts, witches and other vampires and spirits.  It was evident that there was much “Holiday Spirit” if one just looked around.

GC1_5996 edit 3_tonemapped

Here you can see a “Holiday Spirit” emerging from the grave and although not visible here, the heart was still beating.

GC1_6029 crop 1

In this next photo behind the drifting spirit, you can see the “Grim Reaper”.

GC1_5996 strt_tonemapped crop 1

These next two pictures show the “Holiday Spirit” in and around my home with a group picture and one of my Barb with her buddy “G R”.

GC1_6018 crop 1

GC1_6024 crop 1 edit 1

That’s my story of “Holiday Spirit” and I’m sticking to it.