Week 7, Theme 52 – Yellow

The Big Bend area of the Florida Gulf Coast has a lot of quaint little towns filled with photo ops.  One of these towns is Apalachicola, a town with a population of only 2,231.  Ninety percent of the state’s oyster crop (10 percent of the nation’s total) is cultivated in Apalachicola’s 7000+ acres of oyster beds (AAA Tour Guide).

While driving around town we came across this “Yellow”  house and the street artist.  He told me that once a year Apalachicola has a street painting festival and with all the big old houses, there is no lack of subjects. Both he and I liked this house and its shade of “Yellow”.  With his permission I included him in my photo.

GC2_9731 edit 2


Week 6, Theme 34 – OMG!

Living up to my reputation of not posting on time, today will be week 6, only 4 or 5 weeks behind, but I’ve got a whole year to catch up.

We are currently on Road Trip #4, Big Bend Scenic Byway in Florida.  We are camped at Carrabelle Beach RV Resort, a really nice campground.

Anyway, on with the story……  Today is my bride’s birthday so I took her out to one of the local eateries for breakfast.  As we pulled into the parking lot and I swung around the building to park, I said “OMG!”  look at this.  Get your camera and I grabbed mine to capture this picture.

DSCN3007 edit 1