Week 22, Theme 34 – Patterns

One day when I was wandering around Bradenton’s Riverwalk looking for some photo subjects, I took this picture of the sidewalk simply because the morning dampness had accentuated the expansion joints and emphasized the “Patterns”.  After looking at the image on my computer, I realized that I had captured some other “Patterns” – The pilings supporting the railroad trestle in the background.

GC1_5322 edit 1



Week 4, Theme 41 – Single Color on Black & White

Selective color or “Single Color on Black & White” is something that I have never played around with so this challenge gave me something new to have some fun with.  Riverwalk in downtown Bradenton along the Manatee River never fails to provide photo ops and this visit was no exception.  There is a lot of color in the children’s playground area, notwithstanding lots and lots of petunias.  A perfect opportunity to experiment with presenting a couple of examples of “Single Color on Black & White”.

GC1_5332 edit 1

GC1_5351 edit 2

Week 25 – 41. Splash

This theme comes to mind in different ways. A drive down the “Tamiami Trail” and you will see some “sun ‘n’ fun” stores called “Splash” where you can purchase just about anything you need to go splash in the Gulf surf. You can get tanning lotions to splash on your body to protect you from the rays of the sun.

DSCN2105 edit 1

You can take the kids or grandkids to Riverwalk Park in Bradenton and let them have fun on the Splash pad.

GC1_3424 edit 1

But then, I can go out in my backyard and watch the activity on the pond behind the house as a white pelican lands in a BIG “Splash”.

GC1_2957 edit 1

And there you have it folks.