Week 22, Theme 42 – Silhouette

Several times I attempted to satisfy this theme but to no avail. Recently while camped on a lake, Barb spotted this lone fisherman all by himself out on the lake in the late afternoon and said there’s a good “Silhouette”.  When I looked, I thought immediately, that’s a good “Silhouette”.

GC2_9993 edit 1


Week 21, Theme 32 – Nightime

Parked here on Lake Seminole at Eastbank Corps of Engineers Campground we are just across from the Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam.  This lake was created by damming the  Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers which created the Apalachicola river.

Sitting outside last night I noticed that there was plenty of light across the lake at the dam so I thought here’s my opportunity for a Nightime”  image.

GC1_9067 edit 3

Week 9, Theme A3 – Nature

Here we are communing with “Nature”.  Earlier this year we decided to do a “Road Trip” during Thanksgiving, so we made reservations at one of Florida’s beautiful state parks.  Road trip #5 has brought us to Three Rivers State Park in Sneads, northwest of Tallahassee.  We are camped on Lake Seminole, an Army Corps of Engineers water management project built in 1947.  The Jim Woodruff Dam was built at the confluence of the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers creating the lake. Below the dam, the waters become the Apalachicola River and flow to the Gulf of Mexico.  Hence the name of the state park.

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