Week 28 – 8. Distortion

Several times a year there is a Sunday car show at the Gamble Mansion State Park Historical Site in Ellenton.  Yesterday, Barb and I walked around the show and looked in awe at the cars being shown.  This is an expensive hobby as these folks put a bunch of $$$ into the restoration or modification of these classic cars.  I took this picture because of the reflection in the shiny chrome of the headlight.  After reviewing the image at home on the big screen I noticed that the flat piece of chrome behind the headlight created a “Distortion”of the reflection in it.  Hence another theme makes it to my blog.

GC1_4037 crop 2_tonemapped pntrly 4



Week 27 – 48. There’s Nothing Better Than…

Whether you’re Irish or not, “There’s Nothing Better Than…” Corned Beef and Cabbage and Green Beer served at Beef O’Brady’s on St Paddy’s Day.

green beer

You can quote George “O’Casey” on that!!


Week 25 – 41. Splash

This theme comes to mind in different ways. A drive down the “Tamiami Trail” and you will see some “sun ‘n’ fun” stores called “Splash” where you can purchase just about anything you need to go splash in the Gulf surf. You can get tanning lotions to splash on your body to protect you from the rays of the sun.

DSCN2105 edit 1

You can take the kids or grandkids to Riverwalk Park in Bradenton and let them have fun on the Splash pad.

GC1_3424 edit 1

But then, I can go out in my backyard and watch the activity on the pond behind the house as a white pelican lands in a BIG “Splash”.

GC1_2957 edit 1

And there you have it folks.


Week 24 – A1. Black & White

It’s time to use one of the alternate themes available to us.  I guess the whole idea of this challenge is to make us think and use our ingenuity.  I thought long and hard for this theme and finally decided that to meet the intent of the “Black & White” theme I would cover both alternatives, a Black & White subject in a Black & White image.

GC1_3356 edit 1 bw

And for those of us who have those dyslexic moments, I provide this idea on the theme Black & White.

GC1_2325 edit 1

Week 23 – 12. “Hair” It Is

After receiving the list of themes last August, I immediately thought of the Broadway Musical “Hair” when I saw this theme.  My original plan was to try to take a photo of the record or cd cover and use it.  Unfortunately all my “hippie” friends from San Francisco in the late 60’s have piled into their VW mini-busses and moved on to a commune somewhere.  I never owned the musical soundtrack.  Sooooooo….let’s use Google and see what I can come up with.  Thanks to Google “Hair” It Is.


GC1_3402 edit 1

Hair also made me think of barber shops and hairstylists and I came up with these two shots.

GC1_3398 edit 1

GC1_3400 edit 1

That’s my Hairy story and I’m sticking with it.  Hair It Is!