Week 38, Theme 10 – Family Table

One day last week I glanced out at the front lawn and Mr. & Mrs. Sand H. Crane and their youngster happened to be eating lunch out in our yard.  Of course my first thought was to get a camera and take a picture as this was the perfect example of “Family Table”. 

DSCN2820 edit 2


Week 28, Theme 49 – 2 Of Us

Every year at Easter, Barb and I do our annual “2 Of Us”  portrait.  This tradition goes back to 1965 as seen in this scan of a 35mm slide.

H&SO-OTHR-196504-001-Easter Sunday-Scan edit 1

And now 50 years later, the 2015 edition of “2 Of Us”.

GC1_6529 crop 1

Week 26, Theme 38 – Selfie

I’m still behind, but getting closer.  At least now I’m only a week behind.  I’ve been waiting for just the right sunny conditions for the theme “Selfie” and I found those conditions this week.  I was so happy, I posted two!

GC1_6354 edit 2

You can recognize me in this next one.

GC1_6346 edit 1

And there you have it, my “Selfie”.

Week 25, Theme 48 – Sun Flare

This theme has been a problem for me from day one.  I think that I’ve finally been able to come up with a fair example of Sun Flare”.  I particularly like the first image in the tree, however, the second image with the various colored dots is intriguing.  I believe the dots are caused by a dirty filter and the suns’ reflection off the dust particles on my filter.  Guess I need to clean it.

GC1_6340 edit 2


GC1_5542 edit 1

Week 24, Theme 51 – When the Wind Blows

Here I am again, behind by about 3 weeks.  Oh well, let’s see if I can catch up.  It seems like I have less time to do things since I retired, than when I was working. 🙂

Yesterday was a fitting day for one of our themes, “When the Wind Blows”  and to me, nothing is more beautiful than our flag blowing in the wind.

 GC1_6317 edit 1

GC1_6319 edit1

GC1_6333 edit 1

And there you have it – “When the Wind Blows”,  so blows the flag.

Week 37 – 51. Way Down Low

Back in early April as I was wandering around my yard and attending my butterfly garden, I happened to look “Way Down Low” and low and behold there was a new Monarch butterfly on a Scarlet Milkweed plant stretching and drying his wings.  In order for me to capture this phenomenon, I had to get “Way Down Low” on my robust belly to get the proper perspective and point of view as I took this picture.


Week 3 – 46. The Color Pink

This morning just before leaving for work, I heard Barb say Oh! Wow! Look at that sky.  I went to the door and upon seeing the sky, I immediately thought Oh! Wow! The Color Pink is one of the themes of our 52-week photo challenge.  So, I grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots before the color disappeared.

The Color Pink