Week 52, Theme 14 – Four Letter Word

In August of 2014, I said that this theme would be an easy one.  Just walk around on old Main Street and I’d be sure to find a neon sign of a “Four Letter Word”.  That didn’t happen.  But now I can say


GC1_7572 edit 1

because after 52 hard weeks meeting each and every challenge and coming up with a response to each of the themes, I am finally able to complete this year’s 52 Week Challenge with a “Four Letter Word”:

 GC1_7571 edit 1



Week 51, Theme 46 – Still Life

This theme, “Still Life”  is another theme that I had problems with this year; probably because I misinterpreted the definition of “Still Life”.  Then my wife Googled “Still Life”  and I had the definition to reinforce my thoughts.  So…….Saturday, we took a ride to Sarasota to walk the Farmer’s Market and see if I could come up with a few pictures.  I did and here they are, my version of “Still Life”.

GC1_7589 crop 1 edit 1 GC1_7603 crop 1 edit 1

And finally, the one that really makes me hungry:

GC1_7626 crop 1 edit 1

Week 50, Theme 32 – Painting with Light

I had originally scratched this theme as I was unable to make it to the first “Painting with Light”  club field trip.  As the weeks clicked by, I chose one of the alternate themes to cover this one.  I was elated when it was announced that we would have a second opportunity for “Painting with Light”.  Here are several of my efforts.

While watching fireworks on July 4th across the pond from my backyard I played with several of the displays.  This windblown palm tree caught my eye.

GC1_7489 crop 1 edit 1

These next examples were captured during the LWRDPC “Painting with Light”  field trip.

GC1_7553 edit 2

GC1_7579 crop 2 edit 1


I am considering using this next display in my front yard for Christmas this year.

GC1_7574 crop 1 edit 1

And finally this last image reminds me of the closing fireworks display at the St. Louis Olympics.  (Did they even exist?).

GC1_7581 crop 1 edit 1

Week 49, Theme 26 – Masked

This theme is one that I was having a lot of problems with until I got a bright idea (already used that) the other day.  Working and playing in my FastStone Image Viewer software I came across a function I seldom use, “Frame Mask”.  While in St. Augustine I had taken a picture of a statue in the middle of a garden located behind a masonry and wrought iron fence.  Voila!  I could use the fence in conjunction with the statue and I’d have my “Masked”  theme problems resolved.  Here it is.

GC1_7431 edit 2

Week 48, Theme A4 – Night Shot

While in Savannah and St. Augustine recently, I accumulated a lot of images to help me complete this year’s 52-week photo challenge.  After dinner on our 47th wedding anniversary, we were close to Castillo de San Marcos, one of St. Augustine’s most impressive historical landmarks.  The Spanish started construction in 1672, making it the oldest masonry fortification in what is now the United States.

The lighting of the fortress at night is quite impressive and other than a couple “Ghost” tour groups in the area it was a relative easy “Night Shot”.


 GC1_7456 edit 1

GC1_7454 edit 1