Week 42 – 49. Ugly

In September of last year I went on a Shutter Stroll with the Manatee County Natural Resources Department.  This particular shutter stroll was to attempt to harvest and photograph “critters” that frequent our ponds and rain water ditches.  I can’t remember exactly all the critters in this little dish, but I do remember that one or two of them are mosquito larvae and boy are they ever “Ugly”.

GC1_1302 edit 1



Week 8 – 30. Other Photographers

Today was the monthly “Shutter Stroll” sponsored by the Manatee County Natural Resources Department.  Our stroll today was at Emerson Point Preserve in Palmetto and the “mission” was to capture and take macro pictures of water critters such as mosquito larva, fishing spiders, pollywogs, water scorpions etc.  We had a pretty nice turnout for this activity and I immediately thought about the blog and a post of ME and the “Other Photographers”.