Week 10, Theme 36 – Out of Focus

This time of year dusk and sunset come early and even more-so when you are camped right on the change in time zones.  Three Rivers State Park is probably no more than 5 miles into the Central Time Zone.  The best time to find wildlife activity is at dawn (not for me, too early) and at dusk (4 – 4:30 PM)  There are plenty of photo ops at this park for wildlife photography.  One of the Rangers told me there are 3 different herds of deer, two of them containing about 75 head each and a smaller herd of about 20 to 25 deer.  Slowly cruising the park road with your camera at the ready will produce many photo ops, however, you must be careful with your camera settings to ensure that your images are not “Out of Focus”.

GC1_8189 edit 2

Don’t forget that clicking on the picture will enlarge the image for better appreciation of details.


Week 9, Theme A3 – Nature

Here we are communing with “Nature”.  Earlier this year we decided to do a “Road Trip” during Thanksgiving, so we made reservations at one of Florida’s beautiful state parks.  Road trip #5 has brought us to Three Rivers State Park in Sneads, northwest of Tallahassee.  We are camped on Lake Seminole, an Army Corps of Engineers water management project built in 1947.  The Jim Woodruff Dam was built at the confluence of the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers creating the lake. Below the dam, the waters become the Apalachicola River and flow to the Gulf of Mexico.  Hence the name of the state park.

GC1_8201 edit 1

GC1_8199 edit 1


Week 24, Theme 51 – When the Wind Blows

Here I am again, behind by about 3 weeks.  Oh well, let’s see if I can catch up.  It seems like I have less time to do things since I retired, than when I was working. 🙂

Yesterday was a fitting day for one of our themes, “When the Wind Blows”  and to me, nothing is more beautiful than our flag blowing in the wind.

 GC1_6317 edit 1

GC1_6319 edit1

GC1_6333 edit 1

And there you have it – “When the Wind Blows”,  so blows the flag.

Week 21, Theme 39 – Shot Through Glass

While we were in Gainesville on Labor Day Weekend we visited the Butterfly Garden at the Florida Museum of Natural History on the University of Florida Campus.  After walking through the garden, we walked around the indoor portion of the museum.  These two pictures were “Shot Through Glass” and show the storage cabinets for the many butterfly specimens.




Week 18, Theme 7 – Car Lights

Everyone seems to have responded to this theme in the same way; pictures of car head or tail lights both during the day and night.  Well by now, y’all have gotten to know George, the perennial blog clown.  For my response to the them “Car Lights” I’m giving you some pictures of “No Car Lights”.  😀

GC1_6030 crop 1

GC1_6031 crop 1

GC1_6034 crop

And here’s a T-bucket that hasn’t hidden his lights including a big ole fog light.

GC1_6063 crop 1

So there you have it folks, “No Car Lights” and “Car Lights”.

Week 14, Theme 18 – Holiday Spirit

Last night the neighborhood was overrun with goblins, ghosts, witches and other vampires and spirits.  It was evident that there was much “Holiday Spirit” if one just looked around.

GC1_5996 edit 3_tonemapped

Here you can see a “Holiday Spirit” emerging from the grave and although not visible here, the heart was still beating.

GC1_6029 crop 1

In this next photo behind the drifting spirit, you can see the “Grim Reaper”.

GC1_5996 strt_tonemapped crop 1

These next two pictures show the “Holiday Spirit” in and around my home with a group picture and one of my Barb with her buddy “G R”.

GC1_6018 crop 1

GC1_6024 crop 1 edit 1

That’s my story of “Holiday Spirit” and I’m sticking to it.



Week 10, Theme 42 – Skyline Panorama

Two major cities with skylines border on Tampa Bay; Tampa and St. Petersburg.  How hard can it be to get a “Skyline Panorama”?  It took me a Sunday afternoon to find a suitable location to shoot the Tampa skyline.  I was satisfied with my “Skyline Panorama” so I stopped there.  I’m sure I could have found a St. Pete skyline view that would have been dominated by Tropicana Field.  Next time.  Here’s my “Skyline Panorama” of Tampa.

GC1_5716 edit 4 brdr 1