Week 38 – 34. Passageways

Here’s another New York City inspired presentation.  I’m getting my moneys worth out of our visit to New York for Barbs 50th class reunion.

As we drove the streets of New York City it occurred to me that the streets of New York are like “Passageways” through the canyons created by the tall skyscrapers and high-rises.






Week 35 – 25. Juxtaposition

Jux • ta • po • si • tion.  The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

I’m getting double use of these two pictures, having used them in another theme.  Had it not been for a comment made by a friend, I probably never would have connected these two New York City scenes with this theme.  Thanks Vince for the idea.  And now my definition of “Juxtaposition”. 

GC1_4933 edit 1

GC1_5021 edit 1

In both of these photos the contrast of the old and the new is evident.


Week 34 – A3. I Saw It on Vacation

While Barb and I were in New York for her high school class reunion, we reserved a day to do some sightseeing in New York City.  Fortunately our rental car had a sun roof which made it easy to take some pictures of the famous New York skyscrapers.  Here’s my version of “I Saw It on Vacation”.

GC1_4962_3_4_5_6_fused Pt 5

Somewhere I missed a sign and wound up on the entrance ramp to the Lincoln Tunnel to New Jersey.  This turned out to be a good wrong turn as we found a super overlook across the Hudson River and a fantastic shot of the Manhattan skyline stretching from the Verrazano Bridge to midtown and including the new #1 World Trade Center building.

GC1_4933 edit 1

As we drove through the city that never sleeps, we were amazed at the variety of geometrical shapes of the new buildings and the blend of the old and new as seen in this view.

GC1_4937 crop 1

The Empire State Building.

GC1_4990 edit 1

The Flatiron Building.

GC1_5021 edit 1

And the new #1 World Trade Center.  “I Saw It on Vacation” and now I’ve shared it with you.  Hope you enjoyed it.