Week 17 – 45. That’s So Funny

During our visit to Virginia Beach at Christmas last year we spent an evening in Norfolk at a huge shopping mall.  As we wandered the mall we spotted this fountain and one of our group suggested I try a Forced Perspective shot of my niece’s son.  We posed Carter and I took several shots just prior to being told by mall security to put my camera away.  My thought was “That’s So Funny”.

GC1_2364 edit 2


Week 16 – 37. Rainy Day

Boy am I ever behind on my 52 weekly postings.  Simple math tells me that I’ve got 37 more themes to satisfy, so for starters, let’s do #37, “Rainy Day”.   What better day than today to get a few “Rainy Day” photos.  All of this went through my mind as I was driving on US-301 in Parrish this morning, so I pulled over safely, got out the compact camera and took these shots:


DSCN2073 edit 1

Week 15 – 42. Standing Out From The Crowd

This past weekend was the 16th annual “Thunder By The Bay” motorcycle festival in Sarasota.  I thought this would be a great “photo op” and it turned out to meet my expectations.  Barb and I wandered the streets that had been closed off so the bikes could be parked for all to look at.  There were certainly a lot of bikes.


I fully expected that there would be several that could be classified as “Standing Out From The Crowd”.  Here are a couple standouts –



but the bike I feel that most meets the theme of “Standing Out From The Crowd” is this one

GC1_2447 edit 1

GC1_2449 edit 1