Week 6 – 24. It’s a mail/male thing.

My plan for this theme was used by one of the other bloggers so I have been agonizing over what I could do for “It’s a mail/male thing” when suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. Well duh!

 DSCN1648 edit 1

I work for a U.S. Mail contractor in the predominantly male trucking industry.  Does this not fit the theme?  So, today, while checking some trailers at the main Tampa Post Office and Mail Processing Center I took a few pictures to satisfy this theme.

DSCN1651 edit 1

Here is a view of the “North Dock” during the afternoon lull in activity.  Later this evening this dock will be bustling with activity with many of these trailers and others at the dock loading and unloading mail for destinations throughout the U.S.

DSCN1645 edit 1

DSCN1647 edit 1