Week 36, Theme 9 – Drops of Water

Today I tried to get organized and get caught up on my 52 weeks.  As you can see, I’m at Week 36, and should be at week 43.  I’ve got ideas, but just haven’t brought them together.  Anyway, I went outside this afternoon, and having had a couple of “frog choker” rain showers I remembered that I hadn’t done Theme 9 yet.  So I grabbed my camera and tripod and found some “Drops of Water”.   This first shot is of some drops of water on the screening of my lanai.  If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was some sort of bug.

GC1_7012 edit 1

Although this second shot looks like a couple of eyeballs through eyeglasses, it’s really a couple of “Drops of Water”   on a little wooden clothes dryer.

GC1_7019 edit 1


Week 35, Theme 40 – Simplicity

“Simplicity”.   I have suffered from “writer’s or photographer’s block” when it comes to this theme.  For a theme as simplistic as “Simplicity”  should be; I have just totally drawn a blank.  Since my wife Barb retired at the end of April, I have become more active, tagging along with her on some of her errands.  Last week we both had a couple of errands to run in Bradenton, so I went with her to Hancock Fabrics.  While she was doing her shopping, I was wandering around the store when all of a sudden I looked at a counter and this display jumped out at me.  Voila!  “Simplicity”.  There it is.  There’s my post.


Week 31, Theme 29 – On Two Wheels

Recently about 300 members of the St. Petersburg Bike Club took part in their 27th annual Spring Classic in Manatee County bike ride.  There were four different length routes (100, 60, 36 & 20 miles) set up throughout the county and trust me, wherever you went that morning, you were bound to find an individual or group “On Two Wheels” I didn’t have a camera with me other than my cell phone, so these will have to do. The ride was a fundraiser for two non-profit groups to raise awareness of domestic abuse, one in Pinellas County and one in Manatee County.  The above information was extracted from Richard Dymond’s article in the Bradenton Herald.

20150419_104446 edit 1

20150419_104454 edit 1

20150419_105949 edit 1


20150419_105958 edit 1

Week 30, Theme 25 – Long Shadows

The night of April 10th into the 11th was the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  This year it was held at the United Methodist Church in Parrish.  The theme this year was “Give Cancer the Boot” and seeing as I “Kicked Cancer’s Butt” in 2014, I walked several laps and did it without having to use my oxygen bottle.  Yee haw!!  The relay kicked off about 6:30 Friday evening and finished up at 8:30 Saturday morning.  There were people walking the track the entire time.  As I walked around on Friday night I saw an opportunity to catch a couple of “Long Shadows”  as people circled the track.



Week 26, Theme 38 – Selfie

I’m still behind, but getting closer.  At least now I’m only a week behind.  I’ve been waiting for just the right sunny conditions for the theme “Selfie” and I found those conditions this week.  I was so happy, I posted two!

GC1_6354 edit 2

You can recognize me in this next one.

GC1_6346 edit 1

And there you have it, my “Selfie”.