Week 25, Theme 48 – Sun Flare

This theme has been a problem for me from day one.  I think that I’ve finally been able to come up with a fair example of Sun Flare”.  I particularly like the first image in the tree, however, the second image with the various colored dots is intriguing.  I believe the dots are caused by a dirty filter and the suns’ reflection off the dust particles on my filter.  Guess I need to clean it.

GC1_6340 edit 2


GC1_5542 edit 1


Week 21, Theme 39 – Shot Through Glass

While we were in Gainesville on Labor Day Weekend we visited the Butterfly Garden at the Florida Museum of Natural History on the University of Florida Campus.  After walking through the garden, we walked around the indoor portion of the museum.  These two pictures were “Shot Through Glass” and show the storage cabinets for the many butterfly specimens.




Week 6, Theme 5 – Butterflies and/or Bees

We decided to “Get out of Dodge” for the Labor Day weekend so we went up to Gainesville.  We’ve never really toured that area so this was a good extended weekend to check it out.  Naturally, the 52 week challenge would be on my mind and I believe it was a success as you can see from the “Butterflies and/or Bees”.

Butterfly Collage

Here are a couple of butterflies.

GC1_5608 crop 1                        GC1_5652 crop 2

Did you know that the colors of a butterfly are used to warn predators that it may not taste very good or be safe to eat?  For example, the color orange indicates that the host plant the caterpillar fed on was poisonous and the butterfly could now also be poisonous if eaten.

GC1_5659 crop 1                           GC1_5598 crop 1

There’s my variety of butterflies.  Thanks to the University of Florida Butterfly Rainforest and the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens for the use of their stunning models.

The theme also mentions bees and I’ve had to improvise here a little.  There was only one bee available and he was pretty busy and extremely difficult to catch and snap a picture.  The other image is of a bee that seems pretty happy and was extremely easy to capture.

GC1_5630 crop 1 edit 1                            GC1_5639 crop 1

So!  There you have it.  “Butterflies and/or Bees”.