Week 2, Theme 41 – Shades of Gray

One evening, while in the Tidewater area, we took a dinner cruise on the “Spirit of Norfolk”.  The boat departs from Waterside in Norfolk and cruises down the Elizabeth River to the point where it opens out into the Chesapeake Bay.  As we cruised down the river, we passed various shipyards and the U.S. Navy’s Norfolk Naval Base.  Although the “fleet” wasn’t in port, there were a considerable number of ships in for maintenance or stand-down periods between at-sea operations.  With the evening light, the ships appeared to be in various “Shades of Gray”.

 GC2_9418 edit 2


6 thoughts on “Week 2, Theme 41 – Shades of Gray

  1. It looks like a very nice serene night to be taking a boat ride. You saw the beauty in capturing the ships – and then were lucky to have a blog theme to share them with! My dad was in the navy and actually I was born while he was stationed in Norfolk. But all I ever remember was the model ship he had glued together – all gray, as a matter of fact.

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