Week 47, Theme 47 – Summer Fun

The last 3 days of our “road trip” we spent at Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort on St. Augustine Beach.  We rode out a Labor Day hurricane in this same campground in 1979.  No hurricane this weekend, but we sure saw a bunch of people enjoying their “Summer Fun”.

“Summer Fun”  for some people is camping in their RV.  Here they are just a sand dune away from the Atlantic Ocean.

GC1_7409 edit 1


Summer Fun”  for other people is driving on the beach.

GC1_7382 edit 1


And Summer Fun”  for others is swimming and surfing in the ocean.

GC1_7380 edit 1

On this section of Atlantic Ocean the majority of these “Summer Fun”  enthusiasts have combined all three methods by camping at Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort.

With this blog post I have finally caught up and will finish this year’s challenge on time.


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