Week 42, Theme 50 – Urban Scenery

Savannah is a medium-sized urban area, so opportunities abound for the theme “Urban Scenery”.   As you might note in these images, two of them share a common object.  Other images are typical of “Urban Scenery”   that can be found in just about any city.

Here’s City Hall

GC1_7191 edit 1

Enjoying the city and a drink.

GC1_7192 edit 1

“Horsepower recharging station”.  Throughout the Historic District at many of the squares, pallets, with a large bucket of water on top, can be found for the horse & carriage tours to re-hydrate their trusty steed.

GC1_7279 edit 1

The common object.

“Buster Brown” makes deliveries in every city I’ve been to and is a common object in most “Urban Scenery”.

GC1_7281 edit 1


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