Week 36, Theme 9 – Drops of Water

Today I tried to get organized and get caught up on my 52 weeks.  As you can see, I’m at Week 36, and should be at week 43.  I’ve got ideas, but just haven’t brought them together.  Anyway, I went outside this afternoon, and having had a couple of “frog choker” rain showers I remembered that I hadn’t done Theme 9 yet.  So I grabbed my camera and tripod and found some “Drops of Water”.   This first shot is of some drops of water on the screening of my lanai.  If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was some sort of bug.

GC1_7012 edit 1

Although this second shot looks like a couple of eyeballs through eyeglasses, it’s really a couple of “Drops of Water”   on a little wooden clothes dryer.

GC1_7019 edit 1


5 thoughts on “Week 36, Theme 9 – Drops of Water

  1. I can see the desperation. LOL It doesn’t matter, George, as long as you keep clicking your camera. 52 Weeks are nearing an end … tick, tock, tick, tock

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