Week 35, Theme 40 – Simplicity

“Simplicity”.   I have suffered from “writer’s or photographer’s block” when it comes to this theme.  For a theme as simplistic as “Simplicity”  should be; I have just totally drawn a blank.  Since my wife Barb retired at the end of April, I have become more active, tagging along with her on some of her errands.  Last week we both had a couple of errands to run in Bradenton, so I went with her to Hancock Fabrics.  While she was doing her shopping, I was wandering around the store when all of a sudden I looked at a counter and this display jumped out at me.  Voila!  “Simplicity”.  There it is.  There’s my post.



6 thoughts on “Week 35, Theme 40 – Simplicity

  1. As someone who used the “Simplicity” patterns, I think you alertly caught the right picture at the right time. Actually, you should be able to claim a “twofer”: “Simplicity” and “Bright Idea”. Great job!

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