Week 31, Theme 29 – On Two Wheels

Recently about 300 members of the St. Petersburg Bike Club took part in their 27th annual Spring Classic in Manatee County bike ride.  There were four different length routes (100, 60, 36 & 20 miles) set up throughout the county and trust me, wherever you went that morning, you were bound to find an individual or group “On Two Wheels” I didn’t have a camera with me other than my cell phone, so these will have to do. The ride was a fundraiser for two non-profit groups to raise awareness of domestic abuse, one in Pinellas County and one in Manatee County.  The above information was extracted from Richard Dymond’s article in the Bradenton Herald.

20150419_104446 edit 1

20150419_104454 edit 1

20150419_105949 edit 1


20150419_105958 edit 1


2 thoughts on “Week 31, Theme 29 – On Two Wheels

  1. I think the expression – “They’re everywhere, just everywhere” applies in this case. We just need wider bike lanes as more people take to bikes. Nice job with your cell phone

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