Week 29, Theme 22 – It’s A Mystery

Still not having regained my walking stamina, today I took a slow drive through Bradenton’s Village of the Arts.  This quaint little district is on the edge of downtown and offers a wide variety of photo ops, art galleries and a few coffee houses.  As I drove past this house I looked and said “what in the world”?  I drove around the block for another pass and stopped and took this picture thinking about the theme “It’s A Mystery”.

DSCN2660 edit 1

As I continued my drive through the area I spotted this cottage where a man and lady were diligently working outside. In fact I drove by so many times, the gentleman came out to the street and asked me if I was going to arrest him :).  Of course I told him about the blog and explained what I was doing.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any of my business cards with me, but he was good with my explanation.

DSCN2663 edit 1

This little sign fully placed this cottage into the theme of “It’s A Mystery”.  I’m going to solve this mystery in a couple of weeks and drive by and see what this addition turned out to be.

DSCN2662 edit 1


8 thoughts on “Week 29, Theme 22 – It’s A Mystery

  1. I need to go there, to Village of the Arts. Have only been to Ortygia Restaurant there and haven’t seen those other quaint places. If you go to Orygia, look for the big blue dog painted on the side of the house across the street.

  2. I haven’t been to the Village of the arts, But I have always wanted to check it out. Your photos are great and I really want to check it out now. So happy you posted them 🙂

  3. I like the image because I see this house every week and even took a similar picture for possible use. Good eye! Everyone should visit the Village of the Arts!

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