Week 25, Theme 48 – Sun Flare

This theme has been a problem for me from day one.  I think that I’ve finally been able to come up with a fair example of Sun Flare”.  I particularly like the first image in the tree, however, the second image with the various colored dots is intriguing.  I believe the dots are caused by a dirty filter and the suns’ reflection off the dust particles on my filter.  Guess I need to clean it.

GC1_6340 edit 2


GC1_5542 edit 1


7 thoughts on “Week 25, Theme 48 – Sun Flare

  1. You captured your sun flare.
    George, actually what you are seeing is Lens Flare which is your sun flare inside your camera. It can look like geometrically shaped objects, yellow orange streaks or overall haze. It is caused by the light reflecting on the number of lens optics or reflecting on the inside components. Dust spots would block the light from getting to the sensor.

  2. Nice shots, the first one almost looks like a double shot the way it is coming through the trees. I like the colored streaks of the second one and good explanation Sue. Always learning. 😊

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