Week 24, Theme 51 – When the Wind Blows

Here I am again, behind by about 3 weeks.  Oh well, let’s see if I can catch up.  It seems like I have less time to do things since I retired, than when I was working. 🙂

Yesterday was a fitting day for one of our themes, “When the Wind Blows”  and to me, nothing is more beautiful than our flag blowing in the wind.

 GC1_6317 edit 1

GC1_6319 edit1

GC1_6333 edit 1

And there you have it – “When the Wind Blows”,  so blows the flag.


10 thoughts on “Week 24, Theme 51 – When the Wind Blows

  1. Very nice George! I agree, nothing more beautiful & patriotic than the American Flag!
    I heard retirement is busier. Guess I’ll continue working & hope I’m lucky enough to test the theory when it’s my time. 😉

  2. I was passing a large flag blowing in the wind this morning and thought it was a good shot for the theme. However, I was on my way to work and only had my cell phone. Good thing you’re retired, otherwise I would have beat you to the punch. Nice shots!

  3. I know what you mean about being busier in retirement. I bite off too many projects. I thought photoshop was hard, now i am taking French lessons too! Your flags were a good idea.

  4. George, your flags are beautiful — caught on a lovely day for background! I have been lucky enough to have lived through an era when the sight of the flag flying freely brought a lump to one’s throat — and it still does!

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