Week 23, Theme 23 – Lamp Posts

Fortunately I had these “Lamp Posts”  pictures stashed away.  In as much as the weather has not been cooperative enough to provide nice sunny days to create bright sunlight influenced photos, I’ll resort to this theme.  Under normal conditions, you would expect “Lamp Posts”  to be in urban areas, however, I shot both of these “Lamp Posts”  on trails in the woods in nature parks.


This “Lamp Post”  is nothing more than a wood post with a light at the top, but it serves the purpose of lighting up the trail.


This three lamp cluster appears to be of an older style; however, it has been modernized with the long life of CFS bulbs.


9 thoughts on “Week 23, Theme 23 – Lamp Posts

  1. Maybe I should be searching in the woods for lampposts instead of along the streets…These are so much more interesting than the ones I’ve managed so far. I agree with the others it seems like an easy theme but it’s proving tough for me. I like these.

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