Week 16, Theme 17 – High Above

Recently I was out in my backyard enjoying the beautiful fall weather when some or our resident and migrating birds decided to put on an air show.  Of course, by the time I got back with my camera, the show was over and all that remained was this four engine bird followed by an Anhinga “High Above” our pond.

GC1_5969 edit 1    GC1_5835 crop 1

During the morning I observed a pilot friend of mine practicing competitive aerobatics with his plane “High Above”  the Manatee County Radio Control aircraft park.

GC1_5919 edit 1

Earlier that morning I was fortunate enough to get a photo of one of the “Suburban Eagles” who maintains an alternate nest “High Above” US-301 on a cell tower in Parrish.

GC1_5889 crop 1

Can you see him up there?  He’s sure “High Above” US-301.

How’s this?  Any better?

GC1_5861 edit 1 Crop 3


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