Week 14, Theme 18 – Holiday Spirit

Last night the neighborhood was overrun with goblins, ghosts, witches and other vampires and spirits.  It was evident that there was much “Holiday Spirit” if one just looked around.

GC1_5996 edit 3_tonemapped

Here you can see a “Holiday Spirit” emerging from the grave and although not visible here, the heart was still beating.

GC1_6029 crop 1

In this next photo behind the drifting spirit, you can see the “Grim Reaper”.

GC1_5996 strt_tonemapped crop 1

These next two pictures show the “Holiday Spirit” in and around my home with a group picture and one of my Barb with her buddy “G R”.

GC1_6018 crop 1

GC1_6024 crop 1 edit 1

That’s my story of “Holiday Spirit” and I’m sticking to it.




13 thoughts on “Week 14, Theme 18 – Holiday Spirit

  1. Great photos! I live in Lakewood Ranch and I feel like I need to start decorating for Halloween like I do for Christmas. Go all out.

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