Week 11, Theme 35 – Rocky Waterscapes

This theme would be so easy to complete if the photographer was going to the New England or Oregon coasts, both known for their “Rocky Waterscapes”.  However, this photographer and his better half are not planning any trips to either locations before this challenge is complete.  I don’t know of anywhere in Florida to find a rugged seacoast so I had to do some thinking and “voila”, I came up with a “Rocky Waterscape” right here in our own backyard.  Well, almost.  There is a block long storm retention pond on US-301 in the Parrish area that has been landscaped into a little park and including a hunting “blind”, a pirate ship with pirate and a raft also with a pirate and other seafaring decorations.  One of the scenes is the one I chose to represent my “Rocky Waterscapes” challenge.  You just need to use your imagination a little.




8 thoughts on “Week 11, Theme 35 – Rocky Waterscapes

  1. I agree very hard to get a rocky scape here. I’m a New England girl born and raised, So I will leave this one for my travels back home and you already took the best shot of the rocky scape in Florida, Well done! 🙂

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