Week 9, Theme 33 – Paths and or Trails

Back in July when we received our list of Challenges for this year and I saw this theme, I said this one is going to be a “piece of cake”.  Whenever we go camping, we try to camp in one of our State Parks.  In the past couple of weeks we scouted out a couple of state park campgrounds and it just so happened that both of these parks had an abundance of “Paths and or Trails.”

For example, at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park we found these trails available:

GC1_5526 brdr 1

And the Great Florida Birding Trail goes through the park.

GC1_5530 brdr 1

At Oscar Scherer State Park, there are a lot trails for both foot and bicycle traffic, including a paved trail for persons with disabilities.

DSCN2538 brdr 1

DSCN2533 brdr 1

So if you are a hiker, a bicycler or a wildlife photographer, the Florida State Parks provide plenty of “Paths and or Trails” for you to pursue your recreation choices.


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